recycling plastic


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On November 18th, we, the members of the group, went to Ms. EMMA BARBER, managing director of Degrade. We met her and we talked about sustainability at work. DGRADE Company is one of the companies in the field of making clothes from plastic bottles. and its vision to reduce plastic bottles use that harm the nature and cause many issues to environment. also deals with several companies of high prestige and compete in the global field .in fact it’s the only company in United Arab Emirates that recycle plastic bottles. The company have many values, Sustainability , innovation , integrity, and customer service.


Ammar Bin Rashed

Ammar Bin Rashed


University of Dubai

University of Dubai


Yaprak Anadol

Yaprak Anadol


It is a new product, idea and technology to help society, plants and for the benefit of people. Different innovation depends on culture and their thinking. When someone takes an idea that already exists and creates a different version. These rundowns of creative ideas stand before us as they help to improve everyday existence.

recycling  plastic


saving the lives on the planets as plastic responsible for many crisis.

Overall impact

reduce the impacts of plastic harming the enviroment.

Business benefit

selling shirts ,caps ,jeans .

Social and environmental benefit

as we know many animals dies because the eat plastic in the desert and plastic last in land for ever.


Ms EMMA BARBER, director

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dubai, AE

Business Website:

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

recycle plastic and make clothes for adult.