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¡Consume local, ayuda en grande! | Consume locally, help greatly!

Date published: 11 Jul 2019

Innovation Location: San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, MX

Recaudo, se caracteriza por el cuidado al medio ambiente, por medio de la promoción de un comercio justo, pagando directamente a los productores y evitando el coyotaje. Se reconoce la


'Bee'ing Thoughtful in Consulting

Date published: 24 May 2019

Innovation Location: Philadelphia, PA, US

Humblebee LLC is a consulting business based in Philadelphia, PA focused on bringing improv practices and psychological positivity into the business world. In a culture with a strong commitment to


'We Can Change Lives for the Better'

Date published: 16 May 2019

Innovation Location: Falkirk, Falkirk, GB

FFCF( Falkirk Football Community Foundation) is based in Falkirk founded in 2002 by Falkirk Football Club. Craig Campbell is the current Cheif Executive of the organisation. The foundation is operated


"All life has been sought in natural resources, the means to meet needs in infrastructure." Andres Jose Paz

Date published: 22 Jun 2018

Innovation Location: Bogotá, Bogota, CO

Intera wants to generate a constructive system through the participation of the families of the community, generating value chains in the recycling process that by means of the plastic recovery


"Big Changes Start with Small Actions"

Date published: 08 Jun 2017

Innovation Location: Monterrey, NL, MX

BioSolutions elaborates a bio-compound made from vegetable fibers, which is considered a bioplastic because it takes advantage of the fabric residue, specially the agave fiber. Then, BioSolutions creates a material


"Clean Water 24" Emergency Drinking Water

Date published: 02 May 2019

Innovation Location: Yaan, Maoxian, Yongji, Changsha, Taxian, Si Chuan, Jilin, Hunan, Xinjiang, CN

Often clean water is not available due to the impact of the disaster. Coca-Cola China developed this “clean water 24” emergency drinking water mechanism based on their nationwide distribution system


"Cotton Cuts for a Cause: Without Cutting any Corners"

Date published: 14 May 2018

Innovation Location: Chesterfield, MO, US

Cotton Cuts has used the subscription box business model to bring quilting fabric to enthusiasts and has proven to be a strong for-profit company. Cotton Cuts uses this model to


"Day-End-Doughnation" to Reduce Hunger

Date published: 19 Dec 2018

Innovation Location: New Brunswick , NJ, US

Panera Bread's Day-End-Doughnation Program helps strive to accomplish the UN Global Goals of Zero Hunger (2) and Responsible Consumption (12) by collecting and packaging all leftover bread and pastries from


"Environmentalists at Heart"

Date published: 06 Apr 2018

Innovation Location: Melbourne, VIC, AU

Biofuel Innovations is a for-profit business which has based their operations on an existing model. Their innovation utilises cooking oil which goes to waste from local restaurants, and transforms them