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AIM2Flourish is a global initiative that aims to steer future business leaders towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a flourishing world for all. Supported by the global learning platform, business students around the world are using Appreciative Inquiry (strength-based interviews) and the SDGs as a lens to search out and report on world-changing business innovations.

This page gives you the resources you need to complete the AIM2Flourish assignment. Please also consider joining the AIM2Flourish Student Support Network - Facebook Group to ask questions and share ideas with your peers. 

Understanding the AIM2Flourish Assignment

The AIM2Flourish assignment is designed to help teach students about Business as an Agent of World Benefit using strength-based Appreciative Inquiry interviews and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a lens for learning about positive business innovations. The Student Guide to the AIM2Flourish Assignment will give you insight into the steps you will take to complete the AIM2Flourish assignment. 

The AIM2Flourish assignment involves selecting a company that is doing business for good and supporting one or more of the UN SDGs, interviewing one or more business leaders at the company, and writing a story about the business innovation and impacts. The story is then published here on

Finding Story Ideas

In order for your story to be published on the business innovation you choose to write about needs to fulfill a few basic requirements:

  • The company is a for-profit company 
  • The innovation meets one of more of the UN SDGs
  • The innovation has positive impact
  • The innovation is embedded in the company and is not just philanthropy 
  • The innovation is scalable or replicable

To help get you started on finding the right company to interview and write about please see the list of resources below. 

Writing and Publishing Your Story