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The innovation was inspired and emerged from the ultimate goal FBC was aiming to achieve during the innovative transition. The goal of being a part is f the UN global sustainable development. Good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, life below water and life of land were all taken in consideration when this innovation was developed. Reducing plastic reduces the waste and eventually saves life below water and above land. It saves many animals from getting injured and being killed from plastic waste. It also improves the cleanliness of water and soil by eliminating toxic waste and therefore, help maintains good health and wellbeing for our societies.


ayesha khaled

ayesha khaled


Zayed University

Zayed University


Wasseem Abaza

Wasseem Abaza


New cutlery products made of 100% plant starch that are compostable which avoids leaving toxicity in the soil. Plant Starch Cutlery is made with 70% renewable materials. Compared to traditional cutlery made from 100% virgin plastics, this cutlery is a more sustainable choice. Usually the plant starch is not compostable, but the secret relies here in which our green cutlery is compostable in which we use biodegradable solutions. Consequently, it’s considered to be with the “Good health and well-being, Industry innovation ” SDG.

Who was involved in the creation of the innovation? What did they do?

A team made of 7 members were involved; each member was specialized in something related to the creation of a green product. The team members developed numerous prototypes of cutlery for restaurants and tested them to finalize one that could be the most useful in terms of the price and quality.

DOES the innovation relate to a sense of mission, purpose or meaning? If so, HOW?

The innovation relates to the sense and mission of shifting FBC into an innovative organic company. Producing cutlery that are made out plant starch benefits both the society and the environment. The 100% plants starch cutlery will give consumers the choice of eliminating plastic waste and saving the environment as they become socially responsible instead of using and purchasing the regular plastic cutlery that not only damage the environment but also affect our society from all the pollution and the decrease of the quality of the air as well as the water and soil.



After doing my MBA, I understood that consumers are shifting towards sustainable companies that are non-toxic and offer green products. Second, I’m an environmentalist and I do consider reducing destruction of ecosystem and it’s more of a moral obligation for humans to protect the environment and avoid environmental degradation. Those two reasons motivated me to start this new innovation.

Since FBC is a company in the food industry, we believed that the change of the plant starts from the change of the company itself. The idea came when we decided to shift the cutlery products to become green, the proposal was to use plant starch material which made from ‘sustainable” plants. Contrasting to traditional plastics which are nonrenewable.

Saving money and contributing to save the earth. Part of the motivation came from viewing how other companies benefited after shifting to be more sustainable even in terms of profit, since consumers nowadays shifted to appreciate such innovations and use them. Furthermore, considering that doing good for the environment meant doing good for the humanity made a big difference in the way we started to think when it came to operate our business and select products.

“There is no business on a dead planet”.

Overall impact

As for the environment, the innovation of using cutlery products that are made from plant starch that are compostable which will help in reducing the total tons of waste per year that are associated with the disposable products that every consumer uses. Also, the decrease of the CO2 emissions from energy and the water abstraction decreased clearly and due to this the innovation is significantly helping the environment and the society in which people will get to live in a place with less pollution and a town that supports the use of green products for the benefit of the

The innovation had a core changing impact on the business as the operations were shifted from normal mass production to more sustainable production. Using plant starch also helped cut the expenses that were paid on raw materials which had to be outsourced. Depending on plant starch allowed the company to be able to source its raw materials from the farm owned by the company.

the innovation as mentioned earlier had an impact both on the society and the environment. It allowed people and companies to be able to make better choices and eliminate their plastic waste and it also rose awareness among them. as for making a positive environmental impact, FBC managed to be a part of maintain sustainability by saving life under the water and above land. Many animals and see creature’s life are in danger because of plastic waste that gets dumped. Switching to non-plastic cutlery production helped eliminate plastic waste of the company as well as toxic liquid and gases that pollute the air, water and soil.

Business benefit

FBC had and still has a goal of building the knowledge of ways and solutions that helps the customer use green products, the goal is to push people to understand the benefits of using such products and allow them to see the difference they can achieve by only shifting the cutlery from plastic to a compostable product made from plant starch. This innovation led people to have trust in FBC since they view all the efforts they are putting to contribute in helping the environment; This didn’t only build trust but also increased the sales, the revenue also increased since the company turned to become part of the green marketing awareness without having to put extra money to lift the face of the company. The effect en the employee morale is also considerable, employees feel more secure working for green firms, this is also an opportunity to decrease the turnover, since employees would prefer not to leave a spot that makes them feel that they are working for the benefit of everyone and just the business itself. Inspiring investors is also one of the business benefits, the number of investors that are going green is increasing annually which means investors will be more attracted to invest in FBC products than other companies.

Social and environmental benefit

FBC Cutlery is made with about 80% renewable materials and 20% fillers like polypropylene and talc. Compared to traditional cutlery made from 100% virgin plastics, this cutlery is a more sustainable choice. This decreases of the CO2 emissions from energy and the water abstraction decreases clearly which significantly helps the environment be more green and helps in lowering the percentage of pollution in air. Being socially effective is one of FBC’s goals, it’s important for the new generation to grow up and understand the reasons behind going green, also this helps the society well-being in which the pollution produced from the factories reduces, therefore, a healthier community.


Mohammed Yousef, CEO

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Year Founded: 1988

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

FBC is a firm that changed it’s business model to become one of the most leading distributors and innovators of green products in UAE. The main goal was to convert and innovate new green products that are socially and environmentally healthy. Equally to our passion of innovating products to become more sustainable we like to involve our customers to understand the benefit of using such products.