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Enviu (India)

1. No Poverty 2. Zero Hunger 3. Good Health and Well-Being 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Enviu operates like an impact-driven Venture studio. It starts by conducting an issue analysis of the existing market and supply chains, further if a gap is found in the market it is filled either by creating a new venture themselves or by supporting an existing startup in the same way a startup incubation centre would do.


Gopal Dixit

Gopal Dixit


Goa Institute of Management

Goa Institute of Management





The innovation at Enviu does not stop at one. Enviu's business ideology is to innovate and set up a venture and then move to another innovation and a venture.

The ventures are majorly divided into three domains :

  1. Financial inclusion
  2. Circularity
  3. Food systems

A few ventures to name include :

  • Duurzaam Investeren - A Netherlands based online marketplace for investment opportunities in renewable energy projects. (UN SDG 9)
  • Happiness Fortified - An extremely affordable fortified whey-based drinking yogurt to provide low-income families with access to vital nutrients and stimulate local economic development for smallholder dairy farmers. (UN SDG 2,3)
  • Khaloom -It produces high-end, sustainable fabric made from recycled yarns. This world changing company offers a solution to the large volume of textile waste and the stressful living conditions of handloom workers in India. (UN SDG 2,8,9)

One can get involved in being a part of building a better planet by joining Enviu in different ways. You can 'invest in the existing startup', 'assists in building your idea into a venture' or 'participate in an existing venture'.

The focus of all the ventures is towards creating a global economy that serves the people and the planet.

Eco Friendly Startup Factory


The inspiration behind the idea of Enviu comes from a long history of business impacting the environment and even after that not able to achieve a healthy financial status.

Mr. Ashwin says, ' Once you are that close to it, you develop a passion to solve social issues'. He added, " It is so difficult to operate all the paradigms of a business like production, supply, costing, all of it, in order to deliver a fan to a remote village and still stay cost effective."

As stated by Mr Ashwin typically all these businesses in social/environmental domain have significant challenges.

The key to the success of Enviu
" We ensure that our businesses are profitable, sustainable and scalable."
- Mr. Ashwin Kurian

Overall impact

B Corp is one of the most advanced certification to measure the positive impact of a business on the society. Enviu is a certified B corporation with a high score in the impact areas of Community and Customers.

Enviu wants a global economy to be inclusive and to serve people and planet. It drives system change by initiating mass collaboration and impact driven entrepreneurship. Its ventures improve the quality of life and habitat of large groups of marginalised people.
The ventures are spread across the world and are making an impact in the lives of thousands daily.

Business benefit

The business idea of Enviu is to create ventures which are sustainable and also support the environment. This suggests that Enviu is in a business of creating ideas and then manufacturing ventures in areas where the problem exists.

Being the first to find the gaps in the existing situations, Enviu gets a first-mover advantage and hence is able to deliver a strong impact on value chain and the ecosystem.

Different projects bring different benefits to the business like one project named 'THRUST' stands for 'Towards Hydrogen-based Renewables Used for Ship Transportation' is working towards zero fuel emission ships. The shipping companies associated with the project will not only reduce the emissions but will also consume less fuel and hence less cost.

Social and environmental benefit

The entire idea of Enviu is to find the issues impacting the health of the environment or the society/community and then resolve the issue.
The projects decided are chosen after in-depth analysis and the solutions to the same are sustainable business models which solve the issues and alongside generate livelihood in the nearby vicinity.

Projects like Lakshya, Cupkita (Re-usable cups), homeals etc. provide the community with help in extreme conditions.


Ashwin Kurian, Country Director - India

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Enviu (India)

Enviu (India)

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2004

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

The company has a very interesting business model.
"Initiate and develop world changing social multinationals"

Enviu has till date started 13 companies in 3 continents. Enviu is a venture studio which believes in doing the job by themselves. Enviu team finds a gap and fills it by creating their own startups. It also helps the existing startups working towards the cause of sustainability.

The company has ventured into problems ranging from "Taimba: Professionalising Kenya’s Food Value Chain" to "Lakshya - Goal oriented savings product for people within the Indian informal sector".