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Bazzani Building Company

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities


Bazzani uses a process from start to finish that includes sustainable supply lines, business practices, and materials in order to create sustainable buildings. This creates architecture that enables communities to improve their sustainability, and reduce their carbon footprint.


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By doing all these practices, Bazzani tackles the goal of sustainable cities and communities. Bazzani builds with quick access to bike lanes, and business that can be walked to. They also place fresh air systems in their buildings, and seek LEEDS certification in their buildings. The sustainable supply lines reduce waste, as well as the need for additional fuel, and these buildings are made to be comfortable, so that the building style is attractive for future business ventures. When people see that this company can make money, and still deliver a quality product, it is likely that they will want to replicate this.

The innovations expand beyond just the customer, as these buildings are made to be attractive in a way that not only improves the appearance of the community but reduces the carbon footprint for the community. The most recent project, Bradford Station, will have quick access to bike lanes, and a short walk to the Grand Rapids medical mile. By providing access to bike lanes and walking accessibility, Bazzani can eliminate the need for motor vehicles in their buildings. This reduces overall noise pollution, as well as air pollution from the vehicles.

These buildings also save large amounts of energy, and they use 50% less than an average apartment building. By using efficient lighting, insulation, and appliances, Bazzani buildings reduce the need for energy that may come from nonrenewable resources.

Constructing A Better Future

This is Bradford Station (The newest Bazzani Project)


Guy Bazzani was inspired by the gap between the construction industry and sustainability. Construction is a traditional and very blue collar industry that is not quick to adopt new ways. Bazzani saw a chance to inspire change through the good ol' American dollar. When you can prove that there is money to be made in a certain process, you can inspire anyone. By building using a sustainable process, while still turning a profit, you can inspire those who only view things in a dollar and cents lens.

Bazzani, is no longer the leader of the firm, as he has sense retired (further proof of his success through this process) but his theory and process is still in practice and Bazzani is still actively seeking to change the minds of their competitors.

Overall impact

The impact of the innovation is the inspiration provided to other construction companies, as well as the well being of his customers, and the profitability of his business.

By showing that this business model can be financially successful, Bazzani has inspired other firms to use more sustainable processes, (evident in the use of low flow toilets, and efficient lighting in new homes.) Bazzani has also gained a lot of business in metro areas due to the popularity of their buildings.

The customers receive an impact in the form of financial incentives from low power, and heating bills, as well as a bonus to their social consciousness. When you live in a sustainable home, it is much more likely that you are willing to follow sustainable processes elsewhere, such as at work or in public spaces.

The business has been very successful, and the employees are more than happy in their roles. Heather was extremely enthusiastic in the interview I did with her, and it was completely evident that she has a great sense of purpose with this company.

Business benefit

Bazzani has found markets all over Michigan, just to name a few, the areas that have Bazzani buildings are: Grand Rapids, Owosso, Saugatuck, and Detroit just to name a few.

Bazzani has also been able to create buildings for a myriad of different industries, for example: Vet clinics, bars, coffee shops, storage spaces, private residences, public buildings, and even high end hotel.

What does this mean? Well this means that Bazzani's commitment to sustainability has rewarded them with projects in many different fields. This has brought with it great profits, and a great sense of purpose for the employees of Bazzani. Bazzani employees are able to drive all over the state of Michigan and tell the people that they meet, "I was a part of that." Bazzani employees get to tell their children, and the grandchildren, that the buildings that were part of an early revolution in construction, were something that they had a hand in. These buildings are likely to stand for the next century, and will save thousands in energy cost, and delete the carbon footprints of hundred of people every single year.

Social and environmental benefit

This innovation provides society with an understanding of the benefits of sustainability outside of saving the planet. Not everyone is socially and environmentally conscious. Some humans are selfish, but even selfish people understand the value of money. By producing buildings that can cut energy costs in half, Bazzani is showing people the benefits of being sustainable. Every business wants to help their bottom line, and every individual wants extra spending money, so even for those who are not concerned with the environment, Bazzani has made them care.

The environment reaps the rewards of Bazzani's policies. When buildings are made to run on fresh air, and limit energy use, the carbon footprint gets a little bit smaller, when the carbon footprint gets a little bit smaller, mother nature sleeps easier. By reducing this carbon footprint, the area has fresher air, the rivers run cleaner, the wildlife is healthier, and the society is happier. Bazzani buildings create a mutually beneficial relationship between nature and humanity, something that is growing increasingly more difficult in a rapidly expanding world.


Heather Coyne, Director of Marketing

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Bazzani Building Company

Bazzani Building Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

Business Website:

Year Founded: 1996

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Bazzani is a small construction firm located in Grand Rapids Michigan. They create sustainable buildings aimed at creating eco friendly living that is also comfortable. They aim to create buildings with state of the art technology that makes for a healthy, sustainable living area.