Combatting Australia Bushfire and COVID-19:Sky Bar contribute to the community


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Sky Bar ’s “We Are Working Together to Overcome Difficulties” initiative is an essential innovation in 2020. The plan aims to use 10% of operating income to support disaster-stricken areas. In the future, the money will be used for volunteer skills training and environmental and wildlife protection activities.


Xueying Tian

Xueying Tian


Monash University

Monash University


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Gitanjali Bedi


The plan is a service innovation that combines the company's corporate culture and philosophy with the healthy development of the community — committed to improving the concept of protecting the environment and wildlife for employees and customers and moving towards fighting diseases and disasters with the community.

Recently, a severe forest fire in Australia has claimed one billion animal lives, and the fire area has exceeded 10 million hectares. The haze emitted by the fire has severely affected the global atmospheric conditions ("A visual guide to Australia's bushfire crisis", 2020). COVID-19 has confirmed about 60018 cases of fatal cases worldwide, with a fatality rate as high as 2.3% ("A visual guide to Australia's bushfire crisis", 2020).

Sky bar will spend 10% of its turnover on projects to help reconstruction and rescue of the affected areas and population. Meanwhile, it cooperated with major Australian media and businesses to print a wall of mutual encouragement, collect user blessing languages, and donate them to a local charity.

Moreover, due to the scarcity of Australian firefighters, a training program for fire volunteers will also be established with the local community ("Australia's firefighter numbers will need to double by 2030: report", 2020). Through the combination of entertainment and professional knowledge, the aim is to allow the entire population to participate in fire training knowledge. Not only improves the community's ability to solve the disaster, but it also creates the cohesion of citizen cooperation.

Furthermore, using this money to set up a wildlife protection courses to disseminate the significance of wildlife protection to all people. In order to put an end to such diseases as COVID-19.

The plan is related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). By cooperating with the community, the citizen will be involved in protecting the environment and wildlife, and a sustainable society is built.

Combatting Australia Bushfire and COVID-19:Sky Bar contribute to the community


Tony Yang's inspiration stemmed from protecting the Australian environment and building long-term friendly relationships with customers rather than the company's short-term benefits. Tony yang is very proud of his innovation and encourages his employees to participate in it so that everyone could protect the environment and nature as the goal to achieve a higher level of self-satisfaction.

Overall impact

The innovation created a positive impact, especially on the communities. By donating its business benefits, the sky bar directly connects the company with the community culture to helps the community to train Fire Fighting Expertise. Civil society organizations work closely with local authorities to make every effort to establish the best solutions to diseases and disasters.

As a result, the environment for community stability and prosperity is enhanced, which is in line with the goals of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme ("UN-Habitat", 2020). Moreover, by explaining the reasons and ways of COVID-19 transmission, the importance of protecting the environment and wildlife will be popularized among citizens. This innovation proves that the sky bar is practicing a useful and responsible business model, with the goal of sustainable development, and working with the community to build a green enterprise.

Business benefit

The direct commercial benefits of Sky Bar from this innovation are a positive public image, which could further increase the exposure of Sky Bar and has a considerable advertising effect. Moreover, the employee of the Sky Bar, whose sense of honor and belonging has dramatically improved, which is conducive to attracting more skilled talents.

Indirectly, the innovation has enabled businesses to build beneficial and long-lasting relationships with community organizations. On the 14th of February, the Minister of Health of Victoria, the state legislator, and the mayor of Monash attended the luncheon of the Sky Bar and gave affirmation to the innovation introduced by the sky bar ("Glen Waverley", 2020). Finally, a good relationship with the community is the foundation for a solid charity plan in the future.

Social and environmental benefit

From a social perspective, the innovation of the sky bar is part of corporate social responsibility. According to Global Impact (2020), An enterprise aims at a profit but cannot develop only because of profit. Moreover, help community residents reduce panic about disasters and diseases so that solving the existing problems efficiently. Hence, Meets the requirements of the sixth UNEP Global Environment Outlook.

From an environmental perspective, Sky Bar helps to build a group of civilian firefighters by giving a portion of the proceeds and popularize firefighting knowledge among the public. As Australia is a country with extensive forest coverage, civilian fire protection groups are a powerful reserve force in the event of a bushfire ("Australia's forests – overview - Department of Agriculture", 2020). Besides, explaining the causes of the COVID-19 could improve citizens' protection of wild animals. Sky Bar has contributed to protecting biodiversity and maintaining ecological balance with sustainable development goals. Meanwhile, preventing and controlling the spread of disease, and in turn, protect citizens' physical health and social stability.


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