2020 Flourish Prize Videos

The 17 Flourish Prizes are given annually recognizing the role businesses play in achieving the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The 17 Honorees are chosen from stories of positive business innovation published on AIM2Flourish.com during the preceding calendar year - stories discovered and published by students from around the world.

Please enjoy the below conversations with some of our 2020 Flourish Prize honorees - professors, students, and business leaders. You can view our UCTV Education AIM2Flourish channel here.

AIM2Flourish is the world's first higher-education curriculum incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals and businesses working toward a better world. Roberta Baskin, Megan Buchter, and George Dionne discuss the foundations of the program, its global reach, the art of appreciative inquiry, student success stories and more.

The AIM2Flourish program gives students around the world the opportunity to engage with businesses working toward a better future. Stephanie Shaw of St. John's University discusses her experience talking to the founders of innovative food sharing app, OLIO. Rooted in the ethos of UN Global Sustainability Goal #(No hunger), OLIO is committed to ending food waste for the betterment of society at large.

Rooted in the ethos of the UN's Global Sustainability Goal #16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), Humblebee LLC brings improv practices and psychological positivity into the business world. Founding partner Emily Wyner shares her perspectives on building a business that encourages intentionality, promotes equity, and reduces structural inequalities both for clients and collaborators. In this engaging discussion, Wyner and a panel from Saint Joseph's University dig deep into improv for business, transparency, and being mission-driven.

Grosche International Inc. is in the business of tea and coffee products but also in the business of action. Action to take action, and better the lives of those who are not able on their own, teaching developing communities how to make, install and maintain water filtration systems and providing communities with the tools to succeed. Megan Buchter talks with CEO Helmi Ansari and teacher Matthew Mulhern about the mission of the company and inspiring a new generation of change makers.

NeedsList was founded to improve the response to humanitarian and natural disasters so that the needs of people experiencing displacement can be met in an efficient, sustainable, dignified manner. Founder Natasha Freidus shares how NeedsList operates and the importance of doing business for good. She is joined in conversation by 2020 Flourish Prize winners who share her passion for sustainable business.

Hotel con Corazón offers socially conscious travelers the opportunity to stay at a boutique hotel in developing countries, and as they have a wonderful experience, they allocate their profits to funding educational projects to allow at-risk children to finish their basic education. Hear from founder Marcel Zuidhof and panelists from the AIM2Flourish program about the companies beginnings and their goals for the future.

Business needs to be understood in the context of the broader social and environmental realities of today. Jeffrey Thies shares how engaging students in conversation with ethical and sustainable businesses helps create not only a deeper understanding of economics but a real world connection to critical business ethics concepts.

TAMGA Designs has created a supply chain that focuses on ethical treatment of garment workers, and environmentally-friendly dyes and fabrics in an industry infamous for its mistreatment of workers, pollution of air and waterways, and intense use of water and chemicals. In this engaging panel discussion, founder Eric Dales shares the company's story and ethos.

Bolsa Rosa tiene como objetivo proporcionar oportunidades para que las mujeres trabajen en trabajos flexibles dentro de las empresas e impulsar a las organizaciones a prepararse para el futuro del trabajo a través de prácticas laborales innovadoras. Bolsa Rosa busca reducir la brecha de género, la discriminación y las desventajas de las mujeres en la fuerza laboral al permitirles flexibilidad laboral para que puedan trabajar mientras crían una familia.

Mamut resuelve problemas de construcción basados en prácticas innovadoras y un enfoque en un impacto social y ambiental. Produce materiales de construcción reciclados para construir ciudades más sostenibles.

Biomitech es una empresa mexicana que trabaja para la preservación del planeta a través del desarrollo de tecnologías inspiradas en la naturaleza. El objetivo de la compañía es proporcionar espacios libres de contaminación del aire, a través de un complejo sistema de microalgas para reducir la tasa de enfermedades respiratorias y mejorar la calidad de vida de los seres humanos.

Acelflex SAS es la primera marca de empaque 100% orgánico en América Latina. Sus bolsas Natpaking se degradan en un máximo de 180 días, en comparación con los plásticos hechos de polietileno que demoran alrededor de cuatro siglos. Los insectos, caracoles, peces pequeños y microorganismos pueden consumir este material sin problemas porque su origen es totalmente vegetal. Si por casualidad una de las bolsas NatPaking llega a un río, mar u océano, se diluyen en agua en aproximadamente dos minutos y no es tóxica para los animales. Esto contribuye a la protección de la vida manina.

Pixza es una plataforma de empoderamiento social disfrazada de pizzería. Como pizzería, su propuesta de valor es una experiencia culinaria única; Pixza es la primera y única pizza de maíz azul del mundo hecha con ingredientes 100% mexicanos. Como plataforma de empoderamiento social, Pixza se enfoca en lograr la reinserción productiva en la sociedad de adultos jóvenes con perfil de abandono social al ofrecer una oferta de trabajo formal y un programa de empoderamiento multidimensional.