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2022 Flourish Prizes

The Flourish Prizes are each year’s culminating event for AIM2Flourish, a Fowler Center initiative that recognizes the positive impact of today’s business leaders while changing the way tomorrow’s leaders are taught.

As part of our mission to demonstrate the power of Business as an Agent of World Benefit, each year we honor the best-of-the-best stories with 17 Flourish Prizes - one for each UN Sustainable Development Goal. The stories recognize the accomplishments of the student-author(s), the professor who oversaw the story’s publication, and the business leader interviewed for the story.

All 685 stories published during 2021 are eligible for a 2022 Flourish Prize.

The 2022 Flourish Prize finalists are available here. These finalist stories will be read by our panel of distinguished judges and voted upon to determine our 17 Flourish Prize honorees. This year we celebrate 84 finalists. We are so proud of all of our universities, professors, and students for participating in this program and helping to lift up and share stories of business innovation for the global good.

We look forward to announcing our 17 Flourish Prize honorees in early June.

2022 Distinguished Jury

We are grateful to our Distinguished Jury for taking the time to support our 2022 Flourish Prizes. The 2022 Jury comprises of Fowler Center Advisory Board Members, Fowler Center Doctor of Management and Doctor of Business Administration Fellows, Fowler Center MBA Fellow Alumni, Weatherhead PhD Candidates, and previous Flourish Prize honorees.

Adan Ramirez | Flourish Prize Honoree 2021
Andres Escobar Ibarra | Flourish Prize Honoree 2019
Angel Lopez | Fowler Center Doctor of Management Fellow Alumni
Annie Morino | Fowler Fellow Alumni
Cindy Stull | Fowler Center Advisory Board Member
Craig Dicht | Fowler Fellow Alumni
Daniel Valles | Flourish Prize Honoree 2018
Evgeniia Chistova | Flourish Prize Honoree 2021
Gary Barker | Flourish Prize Honoree 2021
Heather Frutig | Fowler Fellow Alumni
Jaime Ferrer Aldana | Flourish Prize Honoree 2020
Jeetu Lalwani | Flourish Prize Honoree 2018
Jennifer Bishop | Fowler Center Doctor of Management Fellow
John Turner | Fowler Fellow Alumni
Juan Osuna | Flourish Prize Honoree 2021
Lyell Clarke | Fowler Center Advisory Board Member
Mary Ellen Dowd | Flourish Prize Honoree
Mike Bellissimo | Fowler Center Doctor of Management Fellow
Nina Borger | Flourish Prize Honoree 2021
Oscar Andres Mendez | Flourish Prize Honoree 2017
Redda BEN GELOUNE | Fowler Center Doctor of Business Administration Fellow
Roberta Baskin | Former AIM2Flourish Director
Rolando Davila Ponce de Leon | Flourish Prize Honoree 2019
Suman Shakya | Flourish Prize Honoree 2017
Tyler Ortego | Flourish Prize Honoree 2021
Udayan Dhar | Case Western PhD Candidate
Yana Barankin | Flourish Prize Honoree 2020