Sustainable city and green building

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9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities


It’s a new product, idea and technology to help society and plants and to

benefit the people. the innovation is in all majority and different from

depends to culture and their thinking place to place


Abduljabbar Alsiady

Abduljabbar Alsiady


University of Dubai

University of Dubai


Yaprak Anadol

Yaprak Anadol


Is the point when Someone takes an idea that already exists and creates a Different version. This rundown of creative thoughts stands apart to us as they help to improve regular day to day existence. Other are idea thoughts that you would like to go into creation

Sustainable city and green building

sustainable city and green building


Inspiration comes from all over the world

From the experiences of different countries. the vision of other countries

working for sustainability motivates to work similarly

Also seeing the results of the work and its impact on cities and residents

encourages the transfer of experience '

People are also enthusiastic, and acceptance of the idea is the main reason.

Also, the vision of the countries of the future and the plans they work to

preserve the environment and secure a better future for society and the

population in the future. All these challenges inspire us as individuals to

innovate and develop and to make the future better

Overall impact


improving or supplanting business procedures to expand effectiveness and

profitability, or to empower the business to broaden the range or nature of

existing items as well as administrations. Growing Totally as good as ever

items and administrations - frequently to meet quickly changing client or".

customer requests or needs


development can prompt higher profitability, implying that a similar;

information produces a more noteworthy yield. As profitability rises, more

merchandise and ventures are delivered - as such. the economy develops


expanded the way of life and gave individuals chances to improve their lives

Leaps forward in medication and innovation have had emotional effect to

people and networks the same.

Business benefit

• Improved efficiency

• Decreased costs

• Expanded aggressiveness

• Improved brand acknowledgement and worth

• New organizations and connections

• Expanded turnover and improved gainfulness

Innovation empowers critical thinking and gives inventive knowledge that enables you to take a gander at things from an alternate point of view, paying little heed to whether you are building up another item. Invigorating procedure or finding a unique method to remain in front of the challenge.

Social and environmental benefit


Innovation is important for community development. Increasing new and

innovative products Improves the standard of living .and provides different

opportunities for people. Innovation in diverse areas serves society. Health

innovations can save lives. Technological innovations make life easier and cut

limes. Educational innovation's help build an educated generation and more


Environmental Innovation is a catalyst for sustainability. Innovations may

increase the efficiencies of products such as food and drinks. Providing tools

to reduces waste and increase methods and means of recycling. find

alternative ways of packaging, distribution and purchase Instead of

Traditional methods.


Khalaf Al Ghassani, innovation of green life

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Al Ghassani real estate

Al Ghassani real estate

dubai, dubai, AE

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2019

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Is a new startup in real estate.

Under the leadership of a group of young people.

Provides a variety of services of apartments and houses of different types and tastes. Supports sustainability through its diverse projects and serves all segments of society