Sustainability at the Bottom of the Supply Chain

JB Machine Co.

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JB Machine is a locally owned machine shop in Niles Michigan and over the years has focused itself on eliminating waste, helping the environment, and giving back to it's community. They have based themselves on keeping all manufacturing in America and over the years has struggled with pricing and competition.


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JB Machine manufacturers small components for the aerospace and defense industry. They have around 5-6 employees and have always tried to drive innovation through positive company values. One of the values is "Made in America with American Pride."

With JB Machine being a very small supplier all the way on the bottom, they have faced many challenges within their industry. One major challenge was losing a few big jobs to other countries overseas really putting a burden on their growth. JB Machine has not let any of this put them down as they have continue to employ an entire staff and continue to give back to the community.

The main innovation that JB has been using is the consistent recycling and elimination of waste within the machining process. This is due to maximizing tool life, recycling all excess material or shavings, and a consistent energy saving initiatives in place.

Sustainability at the Bottom of the Supply Chain


John Brown owner of JB Machine is inspired by making quality American parts. With tolerances as tight as +-.0001, his workers and himself must be perfect within the machining process. This includes writing in a certain amount of cnc machining code which turns the tools and controls the moves One of the motivations of JB Machine is saving money at all possible costs. This means always using the amount of electricity needed, recycling all scrap to the scrapyard, and always using the tooling until it cannot possibly be used for another unit. His motivation is if he takes certain initiatives, it could save him money. If he's using less electricity and recycles all material, he will ultimately become more sustainable for our environment.

One good quote from owner John Brown was "While working in the aerospace industry and doing government work you always have to use ethical decisions. This includes for our business and key stakeholders."

Overall impact

With JB Machine being such a small company, some of the positive short term and long term effects may not be as noticeable as other large manufacturing corporations. Throughout the entire supply chain every single link in that chain counts. That includes very small suppliers all the way to the main manufacturer. If the main manufacturer pushes sustainability goals and guidelines, it may go to all links in the supply chain.

Some short term effects for the business would be cost savings and ultimately lower emissions into the environment.

Long term effects would be overall lower emissions and waste. After doing some certain activities throughout my business sustainability class, the smallest electric savings over 10 years can result in lower pollution for environment.

Business benefit

These innovations help the business with saving money which decreases the overall operating expense of the organization. Also doing small things like only purchasing enough materials for the certain purchase order issued, could be very good for the business.

Getting the most units off each set of tools used can help with scrap of these expensive tools. If you are getting more units off each individual tool, it will create less waste. Another thing JB Machine has gotten really good at is resharpening tools that can be resharpened. This can eliminate overall tool waste.

By shutting down machines and turning off all machines or components can help with electricity waste. This can help minimize the pollution over the years and help our environment. It also benefits electricity costs as JB Machine noted that over the years electricity costs have decreased.

Social and environmental benefit

This benefits the environment with less overall metal scrap. If we have less scrap and stuff in our landfills, that helps the overall environment. If JB Machine continues to grow and take care of its stakeholders, it will have a good community image in the city.

JB Machine over the years has sponsored certain fundraisers and community events. Niles has a large festival every year in February called the Hunter Ice Festival where JB Machine has done some sponsors and fundraisers . This helps JB Machine get his brand out and continues to get extra jobs.

JB Machine also has a big focus on resharpening tools if possible. This can really help with limiting different tool scrap. Also working with tool reps can get him into more efficient tooling which can result in less waste and more bang for the buck.


John Brown, Owner: JB Machine

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JB Machine Co.

JB Machine Co.

Niles, Michigan, US

Business Website:

Year Founded: 1987

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

JB Machine is a locally owned machine shop located in Niles Michigan. They manufacturer custom gauges and small parts for the aerospace industry. They also do custom fabrication work for a handful of different customers.