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Ecolab's commercial cleaning products and disinfecting solutions help you simplify the process to consistently deliver a better, more efficient clean. A product they offer which is Peroxide Multi Surface cleaner which is designed to drive operational efficiency. The product can disinfect surfaces in as fast as 3 minutes and is recommended for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces, including streak-free performance on glass.


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M.J Osborn who founded Ecolab in 1923, recognized the need to come out with an effective detergent for electric dish machines so he developed Soilax, a product that becomes the leading dishwashing detergent. More recently they have been targeting multiple solutions to help healthcare laundries to reduce the need for linen replacement due to adhesive stains.


The purpose of creating this company from chemistries to comprehensive solutions. It began with simple powder designed for the sole purposes of cleaning hotel rugs, but now nearly 90 years later, the story continues with a systems approach to customers needs. The focus of solutions includes to achieve optimum results while keeping the operating costs low, creating impact on our environment and promoting safety for all consumers. Throughout time, more advanced dispensing and control technologies included solid detergent blocks that make the handling and dispensing cleaning and sanitizing chemistries safer and easier, Meters and controllers that accurately measure chemical concentration to ensure they meet performance specifications, and including sensors, "tracers" chemicals and controllers that together, measure and monitor the real life chemical concentrations. Over the years the company's global innovation centers, Ecolab scientist and engineers Egan to apply a "systems" approach to new products development. They focused on designing effective chemistries, advanced manufacturing, packaging, dispensing and monitoring of the chemistries. Holding more than 8,700 active patents globally in 2018, they have developed thousands of products, many featuring innovation in one, or more. These innovations have helped developed this small company in span over a century of being in business serving the consumers.

Overall impact

With team of 1,200 scientist, engineers and technical specialist create one of best solutions that are developed with close attention to human and environmental impact. The core technologies, which includes digital solutions, antimicrobials, dispensing, and monitoring personal and environmental hygiene polymers surfactant, solid chemistry, water management and data analytics they help improve the efficiency in the product quality and safety for all consumers. As it is kept in mind about sustainability, focusing on human heath and environmental impact the changes made to provide safety has been the challenge of the company. Ecolab has come long ways from practicing with others leaders in the field , with innovations and collaborations that will help the world be cleaner, safer and healthier. The importance of digital technology has helped develop this operations to be more profitable, efficient and sustainable. Keeping the main focus on clean water, safe food, healthy environment, abundant energy has given the company to grow in over century of being in the business. Water is the key to daily life, whether producing goods to cleaning facilities to preparing and protecting food there is water required. Food safety has been critical to the reputations of businesses that manufactures, sell or serve foods and beverages. As the food supply chain grows larger across the nation, the proper need for food sanitation and foodborne illness prevention increases. These innovations has been the experience this company has been working towards to create in years.

Business benefit

As Ecolab is a public company that has revolutionized the industry by providing water solutions and sanitations around the world, they handle 3 Million customer locations as being the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. In the last decade, sales grew from $6 billion to $15 billion in which active patents have tripled to more than 10,000 as innovations continue to meet customers needs. In 2011, merging with Nalco has helped lead this company to become the leader in the water management. In early 2019, the intention to spin off an upstream energy services business (ChampionX) into a stand alone company that would operate separately from Ecolab would create a public company with a $3.5 billion in annual revenue and employing more than 8,000 employees has been anticipated as this merger will be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2020. The company netted $14.9 billion in sales, with cash dividends declared $1.85 per common share, with operating income being $2.0 billion. With over 50,000 associates, 27,500 sales and service associates, 1,600 scientist, engineers and technical specialist, and 10,000 patents has given opportunity to many being able to achieve their goals and to meet challenges this company has faced.

Social and environmental benefit

Ecolab has been a leader in corporate responsibility as they support educational programs and charitable and civic organization in the communities where they are performing business through grants to nonprofit organization, in kind product donations and employee volunteerism. In 2019, the company has been supporting several communities by giving $13 million, including $9 million provided by their own Ecolab Foundation and donations of more than $1.7 millions of cleaning and sanitizing products to support disaster relief efforts globally. Ecolab has reached out to more than 8 million people with clean and conserve education program which helps support those who need education help. As they have strengthened bond with communities, they grow each year with several innovations to support our water source and energy with low cost effective products and support.


Jackie Lovely, Territory Manager

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St Paul, Minnesota, US

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Year Founded: 1923

Number of Employees: 10000+

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions and searches that protect people and vital resources. Ecolab is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that help our customers achieve cleaner, safer and healthier surroundings in the most cost-effective manner. As a team, creating workplace where every associate can grow and thrive is central to our strategic growth priorities and overacting focus on attracting, retaining and growing talent.