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We connect buyer and retailers with our carefully selected network of suppliers.


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Companies and people have been working with suppliers for thousands of years. Think about it, way back in the day people who sold salt had to get it from the people who mined it, they were their suppliers. Today's interactions with suppliers is much more complex than back then, now some companies have hundreds of suppliers and they might receive hundreds of thousands of parts from them. Trying to find a supplier and or getting the chance to talk to one can be tough. That is where PCB trading comes in.

In a recent phone interview with Brennan Kilpatrick, owner and founder of PCB trading I found out the reasons why he decided to start up the company. He saw a gap in the marketplace of retailers not having access to a wide array of quality suppliers. Kilpatrick said, “I noticed an opportunity to connect more suppliers with retailers in a way that hasn’t been done before”, his idea of a match making retailers to suppliers will help promote a sustainable production plan and promote more efficient business. The innovating process of match making retailers to suppliers allows for them to be more efficient and profitable because PCB trading does all of the legwork for them. PCB takes what they are looking for and with their knowledge and contacts of suppliers, they relay that info over to the retailer and it eliminates time wasted that they would have had to spend trying to find the right supplier for them. These benefits include

• Reducing the retailers time searching for suppliers

• Saving the retailers money and allowing them to use that money on storefronts, people, etc.

• Promoting business for suppliers

• Better products for business to offer

• Enhanced supplier relations

• Eco friendly logistic options

• Potentially allows retailers to find suppliers within their community to help benefit the local economy.

Let us find the right supplier for you


Being a retailer himself, he understands the struggle to find good quality suppliers. Having to constantly look for good suppliers to bring high quality products for customers led him to create a company that does that for you. PCB trading will find the high-quality beauty and fashion suppliers for you allowing you to focus on your business and the other areas to improve. Kilpatrick said, “allowing businesses to focus on other aspects and letting us do the work in finding new suppliers for them will allow them to make the best experiences for their customers”. The inspiration came from understanding the struggle business owners have finding the right suppliers and being a businessman, he understood he could take that idea and make a profit off it while helping business owners.

Overall impact

The overall impact of this innovation was to increase the efficiency for business owners to find the right supplier. This then allows those businesses to be more profitable and that allows them to give back to their communities and employ more people. Finding the right supplier might not sound like a big deal, but when you find the right one your business can operate more efficiently.

Business benefit

This idea allows PCB trading to be the broker for finding suppliers, in a growing world where services are becoming more and more used for things instead of doing it in house this will allow PCB trading to continue and grow into a larger company. With PCB trading growing, it will increase the amount of businesses and suppliers reached, affecting more businesses in a positive way.

Social and environmental benefit

The social benefit would be the communities and areas the people are working that are being positively affected by the increased business with PCB trading. The environmental benefit is PCB trading has logistics relations with companies that offer zero emissions transportation. This is them doing their part in stopping the global warming pandemic, most suppliers of products are overseas, and it takes a lot to get the products around the world


Brennan Kilpatrick, Founder/Owner

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PCB Trading

PCB Trading

Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

Business Website: https://www.pcbtrading.com/#About-Us

Year Founded: 2020

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

This business finds suppliers for retailers, and allows the retailer to focus on other aspects of their business.