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Informa’s sustainability department accomplishes many of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The sustainability department addresses Gender equality, Industry innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production, and climate action.


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Gender Equality

Informa is pushing gender equality through events that they hold. Tara Dougal the Head of Content for Informa Markets was involved with The Women in Leadership Forum. The Women in Leadership Forum is a networking event that brings together male and female executives from pharmaceutical companies across the world. The forum is held in North America, India, and China. The overarching focus of the Forum is to ensure that women have the support they need to progress into leadership roles.

Both of these events that Informa are involved in relates to their mission by offering women great mentorship, and networking opportunities. Those opportunities can then be used by the women that attend the events to advance their positions in their companies’ management structure.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Informa is innovating the research database industry by providing more peer-reviewed articles free of charge. Most companies like Informa offer very few open access articles. Informa is actively taking steps to provide more high-quality open access journals.

This goes a long way to demonstrate their determination to the advancement of the quality of information that is available to the public. By allowing people access to free academic journals Informa is providing people free information that is verified by a group of scholars unlike what is generally available through search engines like Google.

Sustainable cities and communities

In 2018 Informa donated £354,000 in cash and £1,054,000 worth of other services and donations to the communities that their colleagues are based in. Informa’s philanthropic efforts show that the sustainability department is not just there to look good on the company’s behalf, the department is actually giving back to the communities that they have offices in. They go out of their way to donate time and money for the wellbeing of the communities that they are involved in.

Responsible consumption and production

A segment of Informa’s sustainability department is now composed of a sustainable events team. They are focusing on the construction and delivery of the events. Informa is now taking steps to ensure that the events are produced in accordance with the Informa Sustainable Event Management Standard.

Informa is also finding more environmentally friendly ways to produce books and journals. They are at nearly 100% sustainably sourced paper and finding more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of their waste. Informa partnered with a company called Book Aid.

Informa’s consumption methods show that they are committed to being environmentally friendly by acquiring materials in a sustainable manner. The sourcing of sustainably sourced materials drastically reduces the waste that would have otherwise been produced.


The idea for these innovations stems from a question that almost all companies face. The question is are we as a company doing things in a way that ensures our long-term business success while making sure their contribution to society and the environment is as beneficial as possible?

Informa wanted to ensure that they are doing everything that they can to optimize their organization. They want to optimize their organization financially, environmentally, and socially.

Overall impact

The overall impact of their Gender Equality efforts is that they are seeing more women attend their events. Jenny Adams, Head of Innovation, Informa Connect from London claims that FundForum, the number one global investment management event, saw the highest ever number of women in attendance in 2018. Twenty-five percent of the attendees of the event were women. FundForum had a list of speakers and thirty percent of them were women. More women are attending events and as a result, they are exposed to more opportunities.

Business benefit

Their industry, innovation, and infrastructure efforts benefit the business by establishing a new business opportunity and as a result having more opportunities to establish more customers. In 2017 alone they included a new publishing company to their database and from that company alone added 90 open access journals to different specialist subjects including, diabetes, cancer, geriatrics, nanomedicine, neurology, and psychiatry. Due to the acquisition, they obtained more free journals. If someone were to deem the free journals beneficial, they may be inclined to purchase more articles from Informa. They may see an increase in sales because potential customers' barriers to entry are so low.

Informa's sustainable cities and communities efforts benefit the company by providing additional training opportunities. Every colleague that Informa has gets paid time off that is allotted to volunteering for their local communities. Not only is volunteering a good showing of goodwill, but it is also used as a tool to develop team-building, skills development, and communication.

Social and environmental benefit

Informa's responsible consumption and production efforts are another reason that they establish their sustainability program. Informa now uses almost 100% sustainably sourced paper. That initiative drastically reduces the amount of regular paper that they annually use. The sustainably sourced paper is drastically better for the environment.

On top of the responsibly sourced paper, they also partnered with Book Aid. Because of the partnership, Informa donates books to Book Aid and Book Aid distributes the books to people that need them across the world. This partnership eliminates the amount of waste that Informa produces. The reduction of waste drastically reduces its carbon footprint.



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