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The "Energy Renovation Project", signed on in 2018, aims to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy in manufacturing industries. In terms of SDGs, this project primarily addresses affordable and clean energy, with their goal of reducing the yearly energy consumption by more than 4.6 million kWh as well as reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 1400 tonnes.


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Lucy Brown


Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia

Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia


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Majda Tafra


The project was signed by President of Ericsson Nikola Tesla Mr. Sc Gordana Kovacevic, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Ph.D. Tomislav Coric and the Director of the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund Dubravko Ponos. As mentioned earlier, their primary goal is to reduce the yearly energy consumption by more than 4.6 million kWh as well as reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 1400 tonnes. Most notably, this is the only company in Croatia that calculated its CO2 footprint. This is biggest project of increasing energy efficiency co-financed by the EU, and is currently ongoing.

How will this be accomplished? By transitioning to energy consolidation of their production sites, new Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, installing a more efficient lighting system and new building envelopes for the two largest buildings. When? This transition began in May 2019, and seems promising for years to come. This solution will provide clean energy and reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere- which also correlates with the SDG of Climate Action and Responsible Consumption and Production by companies. This will be done at all 3 of their locations in Croatia: Split, Zagreb, and Osijek.


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Ericsson Nikola Tesla is a telecommunications company that provides modern information-communications products, solutions, software and services. They are the leading Croatian exporter of knowledge, serving Croatia's telecommunication needs.