Building a Sharing Community


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Predatory consumption is not smart. It would take more resources than the earth is able to give us to keep living our lives the way we do it today. Thankfully, mindset is changing. Sharing economy is not a new concept but is still not the usual business.

Ihopa’s vision is to enable the right systems and networks that help people to introduce themselves to the sharing economy in an easy and safe way, helping to increase the advantage that we take for the items we have at home and making smarter purchases when acquiring a new one.

Sharing Economy impacts directly the Global Goal of Responsible Consumption, but by helping the family’s economy in a sustainable way it also helps to achieve more Sustainable Communities.


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Fernanda Concha


Ihopa is a new business model that relies on the sharing economy. To use Ihopa’s services you should only:

• Create an account

• Connect with other people to co-own or share a rent/lease

• Commit into a sharing agreement

• Share!

When sharing and co-owning through Ihopa, you have access to the right tools to track and book your items such as:

• Sharing agreement

• Smart scheduling

• Group communication

• Logs for expenses & maintenance

Building a Sharing Community


In Scandinavia, the primary region of operation for Ihopa, there’s already an on-going sharing economy dynamic, but without the right tools, intention can be lost.

The founder’s main inspiration is to create a more sustainable way of consumption that doesn’t endanger our world.

“ provide a smarter and more convenient way to own things, we want to help them do it”

Overall impact

A lot of the big items used at home might be sitting on the shelves for more than a year. In Scandinavia, gardening tools are used 0.3% of the year. All this inactive time at one home can be turned into productive time for someone else using that same item.

Each item that is shared among people, is at least one item less produced in the world.

“We have to change our behavior and the way we consume things”

To this day Ihopa has contributed to reduce the production of about 8,800 items like gardening, maintenance tools, entertainment, leisure and sports equipment, among others. They are forecasting that in the following years this impact can grow to 66,000 items less produced.

Business benefit

At this point Ihopa is maintained free for users, but the business model allows for larger businesses to use this tool to get to customers, and here is where the revenue is generated. A fee is charged at every one of this companies that would like to integrate Ihopa’s solutions to their operation, such as retailers.

“…People are already engaging into this, and also there’s traction with the retailers side. A lot of retailers want to try this”

So when people click the ‘Buy together’ button in the retailer’s side, they are accessing to Ihopa’s services.

Social and environmental benefit

When using a co-owning platform to buy or lease an item, many things happen around:

  • People who could not purchase certain items on their own can now acquire them, increasing the access of more families to more items
  • Less items need to be produced in the world because we are giving better use to the existing ones
  • A sharing community is created


Alexander Engl, CEO & Founder

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Stockholm, Stockholm, SE

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2017

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Founded in 2017, Ihopa enablers its users to co-own and share their items. This way it allows its users to:

• Afford the cool stuff – it’s easier to co-own premium quality items than buy them individually

• Share the burden – split the ownership and maintenance cost

• Help the environment – it is more sustainable to give more usage range to the items at home than having them sitting around in the shelf