4 SDG's achieved by a contracting company


1. No Poverty 2. Zero Hunger 3. Good Health and Well-Being 5. Gender Equality


As a starting point. To find a company that supports and enthusiast the sustainable development goals in the UAE was a challenging task. Because the goals of the UN in the SDG are all related to good behaviors and doings. Since UAE is an Islamic country and in the Islamic religion hiding the good doings and the good deeds is the common fact because it states and proves the real and true intention behind that doings.


Ali Alwerfalli

Ali Alwerfalli


University of Dubai

University of Dubai


Yaprak Anadol

Yaprak Anadol


We chose Naresco company after quite long period of searching and sending different interview invitations. We followed the given criteria of the requirements that has to be in the selected company, Naresco has a very good reputation and it met the requirements, but for the part of being profitable we couldn’t obtain and physical proof since it’s a private company not listed in the stock market. But the interviewee Hamad Al Aarif approved that by stating that it’s a profitable business.

4 SDG's achieved by a contracting company


It’s an LLC company registered in DED and the head office is in Dubai, owned by Abulla Al Arif. It was initiated in 1986, and this company is part of Abdulla Al Aref Investments. The subsidies are Mudin Contracting, Al Madaen MEP and many more. Since 1986 and till now. Naresco did many big buildings and villas, such as Gevora Hotel which more than 80 floors and District one mohammed bin rashid complex. They got inspired by HH sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid good deeds to make the world a better place to live in and from their daily interaction with the low level income people and workers

Overall impact

By doing that, Naresco got awarded for excellence performance in ISO “ International Organization Standards and Taqdeer which follows labor policies, labor health and safety and excellent infrastructure.

• Taqdeer Award:

To recognize excellence in labor relations, the Dubai government has launched the Taqdeer Prize. This unique award – the world's first award to promote the welfare of employees – will rank businesses according to their employee practices.

All firms that contribute in this award should demonstrate their use of global benchmarks, these benchmarks and measures are as follows: labor policies, facilities and services, health and safety, social protection, recruitment and salaries, equality and accountability, interaction and input, creativity and innovation, leadership, labor attitudes and KPI’s. To be actually a participant, the firm has to agree for inspection out of a committee that follows the above standards to rate the firm out of five stars..

• International organization for standards:

ISO is meant to be The international Organization for Standardization. Its an international award given by standard setting committee that includes representatives from different international organizations. It was established on 1947, and it promotes and covers wide range of standards such as industrial and commercial measures and standards.

ISO 9001 and 9000 means the continues development in products using R&D to continuously meets the expanded requirements of the customers and improve customer intimacy.

Business benefit

It made dramatic impact to other construction and contracting companies by seeing them as the first entrant and how they build a better reputation by doing the good deeds.

Social and environmental benefit

• No Poverty:

Naresco had many actions towards reducing the level of extreme poverty and trying to help the world, for example the flood that happened in india in 2017. Naresco followed the command of HH sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid to support with whatever you got and whatever you have the people in need and they have helped many people that couldn’t find a place to stay in.

• Zero Hunger:

Naresco came up with an idea, it owns a privately owned restaurant which is quite profitable and at the same time it gives back to the community by helping the people in need by distributing thousands of meals daily for the people that cant afford a meal.

• Decent work / Good health and well-being:

Naresco is a contracting company, therefore, the workers are exposed to extra risk to safety. Naresco is assuring staff health and safety because they believe it comes first, and by providing a relaxing and satisfying work environment you can assure that you will be getting the maximum level of productivity with no stress.

• Gender equality:

As a construction company Naresco has to totally differentiate between gender equality and gender equity. And they believe in gender equity and that’s their aim, because the ultimate equality can be difficult to obtain and achieve, there will be always a space in terms of the work filed and some jobs and for sure when it comes to construction sites, loading and unloading, building, casting and backfilling it cant be a friendly environment for females. But for gender equity it means to provide equal rights and fair job opportunities and the actual respect to the other and opposite genders. And in Naresco they do celebrate yearly the international women’s day to enhance the relationship and to keep the aim on female’s empowerment to the maximum level.


Humaid al Arif, Head of HR

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Dubai, AE

Business Website: https://naresco.ae/

Year Founded: 1986

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Naresco Contracting LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered of economic development of the Government of Dubai and is owned by Mr. Abdulla Abdul Karim Al Arif. The Company started its operation in the year 1986