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3. Good Health and Well-Being 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 13. Climate Action


1. Our innovation overview is the delivery of the food straight from the farmers to the customer. As it is right now there is no set delivery system like 100km foods.


Kamri-Beth Offutt

Kamri-Beth Offutt


Wittenberg University

Wittenberg University


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Sunny Jeong


2. For this innovation it would be for 100km foods to deliver the food directly to the customer. As of right now they just connect the customer with local farms to get the most fresh products possible. But 100km foods could expand their business even more by also doing the delivery. That way there is always a set system for the farmers and customers to work with.

How this would work is once the customer places an order through 100km foods with a local farmer, 100km will put the order through and they will go pick it up and take it to the customer. This would take place anywhere the local farm is and they would deliver to anywhere within a certain distance. This would make it easier on the farmer and customer and provide 100km foods a little more money.

100km Foods


3. What inspired this inspiration was the lack of a delivery system. They noticed a hole in the system and this is what they came up with to solve it.

When Grace Mandarano and Paul Sawtell returned from their trip backpacking across Asia they realized that they wanted to do something good for society. They decided to focus on the environment and sustainability. To begin this process, they began to talk to local farmers and business owners. When they realized that farmers struggled to sale their crops and restaurants struggled to find local food, they realized the gap between them. They knew that farmers did not have time to deliver food to different companies and businesses didn’t have time to go to all the different farms.

Overall impact

4. The innovation impacts the overall community of Ontario by making food easily accessible to the direct consumer, working with farmers to set fair and reasonable prices for their products, and keeps food that is delivered fresh and local.

Business benefit

5. The innovation benefits the business because there are no other models like it. There are plenty of companies delivering fresh food, but there is no business that works so closely with farmers or those consumers purchasing the products farmers have to offer.

Social and environmental benefit

6. The innovation benefits the society because when you buy local food, you boost the local economy. Also, by keeping the business local, they’ve opened up many job opportunities to those in the general Ontario community. Environmentally, they reduce the amount of pollution in the air by having fewer drivers on the road delivering the orders to the clients. They would also focus on sustainable ways to farm.


Paul Sawtell, Ceo

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100km Foods Inc

100km Foods Inc

toronto, Ontario, CA

Business Website: https://www.100kmfoods.com/100kmfoods

Year Founded: 2007

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

100km Foods Inc. is a local food distributor based in Toronto, Ontario. Their purpose is to connect local farmers with urban markets such as local restaurants, hotels, and retailers. They give farmers the ability to set their own prices for their products while still treating employees, suppliers, clients, and the general community with the upmost fairness and respect. The main goal of this corporation is, with the help of chef- and farmer-partners, to help provide a strong and viable local food economy to the community.​