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"Big Changes Start with Small Actions"

Date published: 08 Jun 2017

Location: Monterrey, México

BioSolutions elaborates a bio-compound made from vegetable fibers, which is considered a bioplastic because it takes advantage of the fabric residue, specially the agave fiber. Then, BioSolutions creates a material


"Food For All"

Date published: 16 Dec 2016

Location: Northampton, MA, United States

River Valley Co-op is a community-owned cooperative with the goal to provide local and fresh produce to the Northampton community. Its food-for-all and low income ownership program aim to make


"Getting to Exceptional" Equals Diversity

Date published: 27 Apr 2017

Location: New York, NY, United States

Protiviti is a global consulting firm that helps its clients confidently face the future. Through its efforts for diversity and inclusion in the workforce, Protiviti has reduced inequality and has


"Good and Healthy" to Make People Happy!

Date published: 05 Dec 2017

Location: Amherst, MA, United States

Bueno Y Sano, founded by a University of Massachusetts Amherst alumnus, Bob Lowry, is a family-owned chain restaurant that serves to "make people happy". Bueno Y Sano, translated from Spanish


"The Pizzabilities are Endless"

Date published: 10 Dec 2017

Location: Ronkonkoma, NY, United States

The business introduced a program they call "Pay It Forward." Customers pay for a pizza box, at $15, decorate the box, and donate it to a cause special to their


“Agroedutourism” as New Concept in Developing Alternative Energy

Date published: 17 May 2017

Location: Bogor, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia

PT SWEN Inovasi Transfer (Swen IT) is one of the pioneers in designing and developing Biogas reactor made of glass fibers (fiberglass), which began operating reactors since 2007. As an


“Si Li Ji Ren”--“Considering collective benefits before acting”

Date published: 24 Aug 2017

Location: China

Infinitus (China) Company Ltd is a member of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), providing health care products aiming to build a healthy life to its customers in China. Currently, the



Date published: 19 Jul 2017

Location: Indonesia

Indonesia's (or the world's!) solution to the plastic epidemic. Are you aware that the products we use everyday such as plastic cutlery, paper cups, and plastic bags for a mere


1 Meal = 2 Free Medical Treatments

Date published: 06 Jan 2017

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Fair Warung Bale is the profit center for Bali Sari Foundation, with activities centered around providing free health care to the local low income economy in Bali, Indonesia totalling 30,00