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Zocco, an Opportunity for Women in India and Morocco

Date published: 25 May 2018

Innovation Location: Spain and India, IN

With their products, Zocco tries to connect buyers and sellers, and help women that are excluded from society (or in risk of being) in Morocco and India. They show people


Zero-Waste 'Weapons'

Date published: 22 Feb 2019

Innovation Location: ID

Managing waste has grown to become one of the most complex and significant issues facing the global community. TRASHLESS is an Indonesian company that believes the best way to resolve


Zero-Tolerance Fashion: Selling Eco-conscious Items Only

Date published: 24 Jun 2019

Innovation Location: Reno, NV, US

Bad Apple Vntg.’s has innovated the retail business model by providing purposeful sourcing and extending product longevity. The store sources with zealous intention––they stock locally made artisanal items, items manufactured


Zero Waste, Fair Fashion with Tonlé

Date published: 09 Jun 2017

Innovation Location: KH

Tonlé offers zero-waste, fairly made products that look and feel as if they come just off the runway. The company makes clothing out of tiny scraps of remnant materials from


Zero Waste Model: A Viable Economic System

Date published: 27 Jun 2019

Innovation Location: La Rochelle, 17, FR

Un Bol d’Air is a business created and owned by two friends Adrien and Cyril which offers zero waste and bulk products to its customers. This idea of a better


Zero Waste Facilities

Date published: 06 Jun 2016

Innovation Location: US

Fairmount Santrol has reduced its solid waste from large scale shipping all the way down to the candy wrappers employees may throw away. A concerted effort to nearly eliminate packing


Zero Waste Designer

Date published: 24 Apr 2017

Innovation Location: East Jakarta, Jakarta, ID

Urban waste problems are always discussed in Indonesia and the cities around the world, because almost all the cities are facing the problem of waste. The development of the city


Zero Waste Champions

Date published: 18 Jul 2018

Innovation Location: San Pedro Garza García, NL, MX

The SDGs number 12 goal is to ensure sustainable business practices and consumer behavior. TIPIAH embrace this goal in its business core. First, TIPIAH is fully committed to minimizing waste


Zero Waste

Date published: 02 May 2019

Innovation Location: Clifton , NJ, Worldwide

The company that we found which stood out to us is called Karmic Seed. The company’s innovation is to recycle. It is a zero waste company. The company is