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Welcome to the AIM2Flourish Stories page, where you will find 1,000+ student-written stories about businesses that are both profitable and positive. Every one of these stories showcases a successful business innovation that also helps achieve one or more of the UN Global Goals. Browse the world's largest resource for inspiring, positive business innovation stories. 

Zero Waste, Fair Fashion with Tonlé

Date published: 09 Jun 2017

Location: Cambodia

Tonlé offers zero-waste, fairly made products that look and feel as if they come just off the runway. The company makes clothing out of tiny scraps of remnant materials from


Zero Waste Facilities

Date published: 06 Jun 2016

Location: United States

Fairmount Santrol has reduced its solid waste from large scale shipping all the way down to the candy wrappers employees may throw away. A concerted effort to nearly eliminate packing


Zero Waste Designer

Date published: 25 Apr 2017

Location: East Jakarta, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

Urban waste problems are always discussed in Indonesia and the cities around the world, because almost all the cities are facing the problem of waste. The development of the city


Zero Landfill Product Initiative in IT Industry

Date published: 09 Dec 2016

Location: Taiwan

Since Fuji Xerox executed their "Zero Landfill Product Initiative" program in 2004, 99.5% of their products are being recycled or reused. By collecting customer's used products, Fuji Xerox has established


Zero Food Waste: Everything They Make is Eaten by Someone

Date published: 14 Oct 2016

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

The COBS Bread Bakery has been able to increase value to key stakeholders through the implementation of a waste management program that gives away unsold baked goods to varying charitable


Zaber and Zubair's Sustainability Initiative

Date published: 18 Apr 2017

Location: Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

A garment factory that focuses on improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Since their inception, Noman Group, the parent company of Zaber and Zubair, has been pioneering practices to


Your Partner in the Protection of the Environment

Date published: 03 May 2017

Location: Morocco

Kilimanjaro Environment is a natural organization that accumulates and recover used cooking oil in order to transform it into a bio fuel. This service provides a set of benefits to


Your Life Moment

Date published: 10 Jun 2016

Location: Puebla, Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, México

Plenium is an organization that offers experiences as their products. Located in the city of Puebla, México Plenium distinguishes itself for being an institution that promotes prevention of diseases and


You Do What You Want To Do

Date published: 07 Apr 2017

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Yuki Yu is the CEO of Uniway Freight Service Inc. in Brooklyn, New York. As a business woman who works as a freight forwarder, she meets more challenges than male