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Zeqrowaste specializes on finding sustainable ways to do things different whilst being innovative in encouraging people to be more aware of how we can take care of the environments whilst changing and improving one's life. They are constantly seeking to help more communities grow sustainably and by doing so have a more educated society as a whole regarding the environment. Their end goal is to create a generation that knows how to improve their own lives on a sustainable way that will help protect the world we live in.


Jonathan Ruiz

Jonathan Ruiz


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Zeqrowaste found that a lot of people has a desire to be more environmentally friendly but don't have the knowledge to do so therefore they prepare workshops to train people on how to use their own resources such as their gardens, back yards and roofs to use them as an attractive way to create their own crops thus reducing the usage of non-renewal and unsustainable resources.

They also create products such as picnic baskets, menstrual cups, plague control kits, and personal hygiene products made from recycled material and or natural resources.

Furthermore, Zeqrowaste also works with companies in the construction industry to create environmentally friendly buildings that help improve the balance between civilization and nature.

Zeqro Waste


Ever since the founder was a little kid, she always demonstrated an interest and curiosity about mother nature and was puzzled by the passiveness of the population to take action on reducing the negative impact that we as humans are doing to the planet. Years later, when she was in college it became very clear to her that 'change' had to start somewhere and that is when she started to dedicate her life to educate people on how to be better with our environment and create products that go along with this kind of lifestyle.

Her motto is 'Think global but act local', and that phrase serves as an inspiration for everything she has done so far.

Overall impact

Zeqrowaste provides services that protects the environment, to anyone that is interested on how to use their own spaces to harvest their own crops and give more value to the place they live.

Zeqrowate is aware that the impact they create may seem small at the beginning just as the 'Domino Effect', they truly believe that as more people are aware of how to become more sustainable in the things they buy and on harvesting their own crops the more people will be interested and start doing it.

Business benefit

Zeqrowaste is a profitable company. The revenue stream is diversified, mainly classified into 1) workshops on organic home gardens and for companies 2) commercialization of natural products and for personal care and 3) business environmental studies.

Each workshop is charged around $35 usd per person that includes the starter kit, taking advantage of the principle of economies of scale, as the number of attendees per session increases, so does the the gross margin of income 55% approximately with a full workshop). For the sale of products for skin care, menstrual cups, and other natural lines, the company has different unspecified margins. Last but not least, for an environmental study done on companies, Zeqrowaste monetizes according to the size of the project without having a fixed price and varies between $2,000 and $6,000 usd each.

Zeqrowaste recorded sales of $18,000 usd that represented an EBITDA of 40% at the fiscal close of 2020, a margin that had an increase of 125% compared to 2019 which represents the escalability of the company despite going through the pandemic derived by covid-19.

Due to the recent creation of the company, at the moment it is operated solely by the founder, she is currently training a girl and hopes that by the second quarter of 2022 she will incorporate two collaborators who will help her to give the workshops mainly to companies and thus promoting its mission on a larger scale.

Social and environmental benefit

By making people aware of the damage we are causing to the environment and teaching them the steps that anyone can make individually to be more sustainable.

From the building perspective, they perform environmental impact analysis to help companies to think friendly with mother nature, finding ways to make it sustainable economically and "environmental friendly".


Ana Fernanda Remis Rivera, Zeqro waste

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Queretaro, MX

Business Website: https://Under construction

Year Founded: 2019

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Zeqrowaste focuses on performing workshops aimed to train and encourage people to change their daily habits and become more environmentally conscious. This is achieved by training people on how to harvest their own food, use less plastic and/or products from non-renewable sources.

The name Zeqrowaste comes from the concept Zero Waste plus the abbreviation of Queretaro which is Qro. All the work done by Zeqrowaste is based on the idea of how thinking globally but acting local can change not only every person's life but also the environment in which we all live.

Definitely this project carries the SDG´s in its blood and promotes a responsible local environment with global goals.