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Earth logs are a wood fire log alternative that burn hotter than wood, produce 80% less smoke than wood, and eliminate trees from being cut down. It promotes responsbile consumption and production by producing eco-friendly fire products that benefit the environment and society.


Earth log produces the greenest fire log in the world made out of 100% recycled resources. The fire logs produced burn hotter than wood, while creating 80% less smoke. The little smoke the Earth Log does product is scented, which is the first of its kind on the market.

Earth Log’s founder, Tom Sanetti, started making fire logs in his kitchen from the excess junk mail and paper he accumulated. Sanetti initially made these for his own personal use until his friends started to want him to make them for their use as well. From there, Sanetti knew his innovation was special so he decided to create Earth Log to share his creation with the world. Making strides to save the planet is what helps Earth Log continuously thrive.

World's Greenest Fire Logs


Tom Sanetti was inspired to create Earth Log in order to promote being green by offering the greenest alternative for fire wood on the market. His daughter was a big factor in what inspired Sanetti to continue to grow his innovation into a business. He has always told her that taking small steps can turn into something big through endless hard work and dedication. It was a big risk for Tom to create a new product and business but it was worth the risk for him because it has allowed him to have a hand in saving the planet.

Overall impact

The impact that Earth Log had on the business of firewood is it offers a safer, longer lasting, great smelling alternative to burning actual wood. The product also creates jobs, reduces deforestation, and reduces pollution. Earth Logs impact the environment because all products made by American Green Products are made with 100% post-consumer materials that would otherwise go to waste yards. They also are doing their part to help reduce landfills and exportation of post-consumer materials to other countries. American Green Products was created to help save the planet.

In the short term, Earth logs help post-consumer products, that would otherwise go to waste, be used for something resourceful. In the long-term, burning firewood is bad for your health and bad for the environment. Tom created Earth Logs as a healthier alternative to burning regular fire wood and to reduce our carbon footprint and the demand for raw materials from our natural resources. Fire wood that you have stored is a breeding ground for insects and fungus. The closer it is to your house the easier it is for pests to travel inside. Both in the short term and the long term, American Green Products is creating jobs in the green industry, which the US needs to compete in an ever shrinking job market. Each Earthlog sold (over 500,000 to date) reduces the smoke and emissions from a fire. As they keep growing, and increase our markets, they will continue to reduce the impact from smoke, help decrease landfill use by diverting waste materials, and create even more jobs.

It has been widely recognized that manufactured fire logs produce less environmental impact than cut wood (Houck). James wrote this article for Duraflame, an artificial fire log company, to state the benefits of manufactured firewood.

Tom Sanetti said, "It is a better product, that's better for the environment, while creating American jobs."

Business benefit

American Green Products was founded on the EarthLog, without its success AGP would not have grown into the successful business it is today. There are currently six products offered to consumers including the original Earth Log product. In essence, the other five products are Earthlogs with additional scents. The employees at Earth Log appreciate the purpose the innovation has which drives them to continue striving to be green.

American Green Products’ first year of selling Earthlogs cleared one hundred thousand dollars in profit. After appearing on ‘Shark Tank’, ABC’s hit show where business ideas are pitched to wealthy financial backers, orders for the products skyrocketed from ten to twelve orders a year to ten orders a minute. By doing this, it has expanded their product to many more consumers which expands its outreach to save the environment.

Social and environmental benefit

Earthlogs create less waste using a closed looped, zero waste production process. Post-consumer materials are what is mainly used in the production of the logs, an amount that topples seven hundred pounds per person per year, that would ultimately serve no other purpose besides filling space in the over used landfills. Scrap candle wax is also used and refined to allow the minimal residual amount of waste after consumption. This process facilitates the production of the end product that does not use trees which allows more trees to survive to produce more oxygen and cleaner air while providing ample heat to consumers.

On a societal level, American Green Products has production plants in California and Texas that offer full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment opportunities to all age groups. Providing Americans' jobs is important to them which is why all production is done within the United States. If growth continues, the future looks bright not only for the bottom line of the company but the well-being of the environment and society their product impacts.


Tom Sanetti, CEO and Founder

Business information

American Green Products

American Green Products

Huntington Beach, CA, US
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2009
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

American Green Products is known for it's Earth Logs, the greenest fire logs on the market, and has appeared on hit television show "Shark Tank". It promotes being green for the environment by creating innovative fire products, while also by community outreach and service projects.