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Hyland WIN is an Employee Resource Group initiative with the mission to empower females and males to succeed in their personal and professional growth. The initiative focuses on recruiting women to tech jobs, offering professional development and engaging in community advocacy. The initiative was built to encourage diversity and innovative in Hyland's workforce. As one employee said, "Diversity can bring so much to innovation, and we see higher performing teams that can build software faster and imagine product offerings that are interesting to a broad audience."


Katherine Gullett

Katherine Gullett


Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of Management

Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of Management


Ron Fry

Ron Fry


Hyland has focused on diversity recruitment for the past several years. The company collaborates with women and minority-focused organizations and actively recruits from local universities. The company heard the need to attract talent from different places and make these employees feel comfortable and confident. Hyland WIN hosts conferences and other outreach programs to recruit diverse top talent. To retain these talented individuals, Hyland WIN has three tracks: networking, technology and development. The latter covers topics like personal branding, self-promotion and work-life balance. Events and speaking engagements are charged with energy to help employees feel a sense of purpose and newfound confidence. Hyland WIN recognizes that connection matters. As one interviewee shared, "I believe in Hyland, and the people who work here."

Women in Tech


Hyland WIN got started because employees wanted to feel more involved and company leadership wanted to see diversity of thought. The program aligns with the vision of the company to propel innovation in the work environment and workforce engagement as much as in products. "One of the goals is for employees to bring their authentic selves to work," said one interviewee. This happens when everyone feels comfortable, included and successful.

Overall impact

Hyland WIN has had an enormous positive impact on the culture of Hyland. People talk about how they "support one another not only in the work environment but also in personal growth, like managing family and career, continuous learning and encouragement to take risks and try new things." One person said, "I love my team; they are so supportive and encouraging!"

Business benefit

Hyland was named #7 on the 2018 List of Top 23 Best Employers in Technology for Women. The company has seen increased visibility for female employees, higher referral rates from female employees and increased recruitment interest. The increased and growing diversity of the company's workforce benefits their innovation, outreach and ability to understand and serve their customers.

Social and environmental benefit

Hyland WIN has helped many people find a job they love, giving them the chance to continue to grow personally and professionally. They have started a ripple effect that will continue as younger generations seek their careers and consider the kind of company they want to work for. Hyland enables and empowers their employees and their future employees.


Courtney Byham, Recruiting Program Manager

Paulina Carnes, ShareBase Sales Consultant

Erica Schulstad, Software Developer

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Hyland Software, Inc.

Hyland Software, Inc.

Westlake, OH, US

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Year Founded: 1991

Number of Employees: 1001 to 5000

Hyland is a software company built on innovation. They create software solutions that more efficiently manages organizations’ information so employees can focus on their own mission and purpose. They are guided by efficiency, agility, growth and innovation. Most importantly, they understand that people are the most important ingredient in success. They show their value of people in their employee engagement, community service and customer success.