Using Hand Sanitizer Can Help the World Go Green

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  • This innovation helps with using less paper made product.

  • This innovation could replace the traditional hygiene product in most circumstance and become a trend in near future.

  • This innovation produces less garbage than traditional paper-made products such as wet wipes.


Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown


Hang Seng Management College

Hang Seng Management College


Shirley M C Yeung

Shirley M C Yeung


Cita Int. Limited is challenging the market with their innovation of a newly redesigned hand sanitizer. They believe that having proper hand hygiene is everyone's priority, but accessing a restroom is not as easy as just carrying some hygiene products such as tissues and wet wipes. However, even though those products were designed as travel packs, they are still bulky and not environmental friendly. Cita thinks that traditional hand sanitizers are great but not too convenient to put in jeans pockets and not environmental friendly enough to be a new market trend.

Ms Amy Chiu, the CEO of Cita, said "We need to challenge the market. The product has to be relevant to the target market group of customers and easy carry, easy use, and the price is correct and right."

Using Hand Sanitizer Can Help the World Go Green


Cita decided to use cell phones as their inspiration of designing their hand sanitizer bottle which is long and thin, and instead of squeezing a random amount of dosage every time, they decided to use spray bottle to firm the same amount of dosage as their selling point as well. Nevertheless, by selling at a reasonable low price, they hope that people one day would consider hand sanitizer as a more environmental friendly hygiene product, and replace tissues and wet wipes when it is necessary.

Overall impact

Handy sanitizer has become more popular in recent years, people have started to carry them around as well. CITA has been attending business exhibition to showcase about their new beliefs - design a product with Hong Kong spirit of persistence for economic, social, and environmental impacts. They want to start a new trend and hope that new knowledge could impact people on how they look at handy sanitizer, more than killing bacteria and better than just a wipe from a tissue with a "cellphone" style and third party certification for sustainability.

Business benefit

CITA’s idea has influenced and attracted a lot of consumers with high authorities to question about the next essential trend. With the high demand for their handy sanitizer, CITA’s handy sanitizer product has come out with several new designs, a cover with flowers, animals, scenic places. With third party certification, such as the sanitizer could kill 99.9% of the bacteria, their brand has got a lot of retained customers for economic impact.

Social and environmental benefit

The hand sanitizer could help the people stay clean and germ free. Especially to the people who always have body contact with others. We could help the world as well by supporting to use less paper-made products and use hand sanitizer instead. Because this hand sanitizer uses spray, so each dosage would be the same. Not only that it can last a lot longer than the sanitizer that needed to be squeezed, overtime, it produces less garbage than using paper-made products.


Shirley Yeung, Dr.

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Cita International Limited

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This business provides health and beauty products. They supports the environment by using recyclable packaging.