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Urban Farming is not a new idea, but Pak Sony and his Rumah Sopan have been spreading the word about how to create urban farming and the benefits of it. He has now covered hundreds of communities from three provinces (Jakarta, Banten, and West Java) to start urban farming in their houses and communities, and has provided awareness on green living such as reusing trash, recycling food waste and plastics, etc. This action helps to solve multiple UN SDG's: Numbers 11, 12, 13, and 15.


Deddy Mahyarto K

Deddy Mahyarto K


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IPMI International Business School


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Amelia Naim Indrajaya


Pak Sony has found excellent ways to implement urban farming by using a long-lasting poly bag which can be used for up to 5 years. He has also made innovations for fruit plants to grow up to just 5 feet tall but produce fruits just like fully grown trees. This is beneficial for people implementing urban farming so they can have various trees in their background which are not too obtrusive or tall (and easier to take care of). By having urban farming in various communities, particularly in cities such as Jakarta, greenhouse effects will occur as well, which then absorbs air pollution.

Urban Gardening For All


Pak Sony's hobby to farm is the initial seed that inspired this entire idea and innovation. The inspiration then grew to make people aware that farming is easy and that people don't need a large sum of land. Pak Sony specifically demonstrated this in the interview when he said, "I want people to be able to grow food in their backyards in a simplest way possible." Therefore, he wants spread the word and inspire people to give farming a shot wherever they can. This idea not only applies at home but also in buildings with void area which are not used.

Overall impact

With the ease of farming he introduces and the chain reaction which results from it, there are several impacts which are beneficial to surrounding communities:

1. More people take part in urban farming, which means there are more green areas in cities. This will cause higher absorption of pollution.

2. Less waste because food waste and waste from trees are reused in the form of fertilizer to make the trees grow fruits.

3. Urban farming has improved the ability of people to create a business where they can grow and sell the result from the plants (i.e. vegetables, fruits, herbal medicine, etc.)

4. Urban farming has allowed some people to be more self-sufficient and better able to produce for several ingredients of food or medication.

Business benefit

Requests for Pak Sony's session to educate, share, and consult to various communities has allowed the business to profit at an increasing rate as requests for these sessions are skyrocketing.

Additionally, instead of having new staff, Pak Sony chooses to educate key people in communities so that they can be the agent of change for urban farming within their own environments where they reside. He also collaborates with several local governments to spread awareness.

Finally, many people trust Pak Sony's methods, so they also come to Rumah Sopan to purchase the farming supplies or the trees, which results in high revenues for the business from the sales.

Social and environmental benefit

This innovation has helped various communities make their environment greener. A greener environment will then cause the greenhouse effect to take place, which will reduce air pollution. This also has reduced the food waste going to the trash or rivers. As a result, people start to reuse other waste such as plastic to be used as planting supplies or even furniture. This is an entry for Pak Sony to share people awareness about other green projects like ecobricks, etc.

Separately, some areas have experienced monetary and/or health benefits via producing vegetables/fruits and then either consuming or selling them.


Sony Teguh Trilaksono, Founder

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Rumah Sopan

Rumah Sopan

Jakarta and surrounding, DKI Jakarta & West Java, ID

Business Website: https://id4562202-rumah-sopan.contact.page/

Year Founded: 1997

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Rumah Sopan is a community-based business founded by Bapak Sony Teguh, an agriculture enthusiast. His hobbies of plantation and gardening led him to learn and develop urban gardening in his house post-retirement. He then developed it into a business where he will provide consultation and guidance to various communities on urban gardening as well as sell the equipment and seeds needed for urban gardening.