Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic


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S.L.R. SURGICAL INDUSTRIES does the following:

  • Technologically advanced surgical equipments at an affordable price
  • Use of hydraulic systems in surgical equipments
  • Use of epoxy powder coating


Rudresh M S

Rudresh M S


Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Department of Management Studies

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Department of Management Studies


Rahul Kargal

Rahul Kargal


S.L.R. SURGICAL INDUSTRIES is an innovative way of creating surgical equipment, which consists of the following:

  • Electrical ICU Cots with ABS side railings, head and advanced linear actuator system - ICU Cots with electrical support for more comfortable and precise surgical experience.
  • Temperature regulated Paediatric Bed with pre treated epoxy powder coat - For the kids, harmless coating assures no allergies, and is also temperature regulated.
  • Hydraulic Recovery Trolley with ABS with gas spring assisted trendelenbrug - A trolley which can be operated by the patient himself, which in turn doesn’t affect his movement.
  • Electric Operating C-Arm Table with Anesthetiser screen - Suitable for almost all kind of major surgeries with anaesthesia monitoring facility.
  • Temperature regulated instrument trolley - Some surgical equipments have to be stored under certain temperatures, this trolley comes with temperature regulators.

Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic

The equipments being shaped!


“Import of all these advanced medical equipments from Delhi to the southern states consumed a lot of time as well as money,” says Mr. Rithik, so the basic idea of the business was to sell a solution to the problem. This led to the innovation of manufacturing all these advanced equipments within the state of Karnataka, India, so that it can save time and money within the area and nearby states, which in turn is a profitable business.

Overall impact

All private hospitals, as well as government hospitals, know the company, purely through the word of mouth popularity.

As the demand for their product increased, the firm, which started with a couple of labourers, now operates with around 25-30 skilled labourers and most of the work is done by automated machinery.

The demand also crossed the borders of the state and now the firm supplies equipments to around 3 to 4 neighbouring states.

Most of the orders are taken up through tenders and the quality of the products also speaks for itself.

Business benefit

Setting up such a manufacturing unit in the state has turned up with many benefits to a lot of people, as well as to the government and private hospitals, for example:

Employment factor: Skilled labourers are hired in notable numbers, which in turn increases their production, which leads to more profits.

Employee well-being: All the necessary precautions are followed before getting into work. Also, bonuses and health insurance is provided by the firm.

Revenue: Being manufacturers, they keep a 50% profit margin and they gain revenue from the waste of raw materials (ie. scrap).

Dealership: They sell goods directly or through dealers. Here, the dealers too can keep their profit margin based on who they are selling the product to.

New partnership offers: Being a well organised and well settled business has its own perks, one of those is getting new partnership offers.

Social and environmental benefit

During the pandemic, a situation started to emerge: not having sufficient number of beds for the treatment of COVID patients. The whole country was under lockdown, wherein the surgical industry functioned day and night to procure the number of beds required for the COVID care centres, and it was done without receiving full payment from the government. As it is known, the government faced a problem in managing the monetary issues during the pandemic, so the title “THE UNSUNG HEROES OF THE PANDEMIC” suits them in a very good way.

The revenue that they accumulate from the scrap is used for philanthropic purposes, thus giving back something good to the society.


Mr. Shivaji Rao, Leader

Mr. Rithik S, Superintendent

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Business Website: http://krkrhealthcare.in/

Year Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

S.L.R. SURGICAL INDUSTRIES manufactures reliable and technologically advanced, world-class surgical equipment, while cutting down the time and cost of getting it imported from other states, providing more employment opportunities to skilled labourers.