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Inclúyeme.com is a website with scope throughout Latin America, aiming at persons with mobile, sensory, visceral and visual disabilities. The goal is to insert them as a workforce due to their capacities and contributions in the actual economy, generating social value and promoting a cultural shift in the way most companies operate nowadays.

“We want to help the thousands of disabled persons who want to have a job. We believe in people´s talents and their abilities to join, boost and increase the success of our clients”.

This endeavor considers every aspect related to avoiding discrimination and seizing common benefit by offering equality in work opportunities; a simple act that dignifies both society and business.

The objective of this site is summarized with the following phrase:

“We work with companies compromised with talent development that understand that in able to be successful, it's important to recruit and retain the best profiles, valuating the diversity of their employees”.


Luciano Jorge

Luciano Jorge


Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios (IUEAN)

Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios (IUEAN)


Renée Carrelo

Renée Carrelo


In order to make a difference and generate a new perspective in people´s minds, Inclúyeme.com took a step forward by detecting a market opportunity and creating conscience around such a delicate topic. The unemployment rate in Latin America for the disabled is around 80 %. Despite the fact that there were already few businesses functioning under this noble modality like for example, IBM, Accenture, Banco Galicia, Direct TV, HP, BBVA and Sheraton Hotel, the intention is to widespread the site and incorporate new firms so as to make it global someday. For now, the countries covered by this social venture are Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico.

To access the site, both job applicants and firms should register. Candidates must create a profile, load their CV and apply for the businesses job ads that match their abilities. Finally, the selection process takes place according to the profile requirements for the offer post.

Due to the lack of legislation that should contemplate private labor contracts towards the disabled, there are some benefits that motivate firms to act.

  1. Job rotation is around 50 %, less that those with no disabilities, and reduces training costs.

  2. It lowers the level of absenteeism.

  3. It creates a positive work environment.

  4. It improves businesses image and increases sale.

  5. It attracts the best talents.

  6. It reduces taxes to hire the disabled in Argentina and Mexico.

Unstoppable Change


Founders, Gabriel Marcolongo, Natalia Ca and Pablo Veltri obtained a seed capital of $ 70.000 when they won the Impactec contest amongst other entrepreneurs in Argentina. Initially, the idea was to create a Call Center and employ persons with mobile disabilities but soon they realized that it was not an easy task to recruit them, for the civil society organizations were not concerned about inserting them in the employment market, but about their welfare.

IBM, Accenture and Banco Galicia were the few businesses to which the founders of Inclúyeme seek for advice since they were already including the disabled for jobs. That was the moment when stroke the idea of creating the site. They adapted their business model into the one of a social enterprise, creating a huge impact in Argentina and determined to expand it all over the world in the long term.

Overall impact

It is important to mention that due to the fierce job competition as a result of the successive economic crisis suffered all over Latin America, businesses emphasized the image that their human resources projected so as to attract potential customers and increase sales. Lineal economy focuses particularly on this last aspect and not by contributing to the social development; leaving aside persons with disabilities.

Traditional firms aim to compete, accumulate profits and deplete natural resources, leaving behind a trace of economic destruction, poverty, illnesses, and toxic waste. Then they move on to repeat the process in several areas. This affects people not only by the environmental pollution, but reduces the chances to actually apply for a dignifying job.

Business benefit

Inclúyeme.com is a certified B Corporation that until today employed more than one thousand persons with disabilities in Latin America. More than two hundred and fifty firms take part in this social movement, as well.

The key factor is to be sustainable by rejecting donations or charge their postulants for loading their CV in the site. They obtain their income by charging a fee to the enterprises that post job ads in the site and they reinvest the total amount of money in publicizing throughout the social media, so as to add new firms and candidates. The advantage resides in when googling words like “trabajo” and “discapacidad”, the first option that appears is Inclúyeme.com, creating value and solutions to the community.

Social and environmental benefit

As a certified B Corporation, the social impact that this site achieves is as a result of the high levels of unemployment in Latin America, especially because of the discrimination suffered by the disabled. For centuries society did not consider them part of the workforce and lure them away since they were perceived as useless. Nevertheless, common sense dictates that their abilities are independent from any physical limitation, so there's not a single reason to leave them aside from their professional aspirations and as parts of communities. Their contributions in firms are valued to the point that their payments are equal and fair according to their statue, and buildings are adapted to their needs.

It's of great importance to disclose this social problem and the site is creating conscience around this topic so as to accelerate the need for a cultural change. Not only to dignify humanity but to create jobs and keep economies moving forward, avoiding social inequities.


Gabriel Marcolongo, Co-founder

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Buenos Aires, AG

Business Website: http://www.incluyeme.com.ar

Year Founded: 2013

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Inclúyeme.com is a website created to help people with disabilities, find a job. This is useful for firms to embrace this new vision and approach a cultural change.