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Twice the Eco-Magic, Two Times a Hero

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Global Goals

1. No Poverty 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 15. Life on Land

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Established in 2015, Silent Beads PH is an eco-social entrepreneurship venture that leads the way in sustainable innovation. As pioneers in the Philippines, Mr. Bryan and Ms. Monnick Cruz introduced the groundbreaking concept of plantable paper seed products. Making a significant impact in silence and guided by its inspiring battle cry of “Saving Mother Earth Twice,” it actively promotes and encourages paper recycling, effectively delaying the accumulation of paper waste. Furthermore, it empowers individuals to play an active role in positively impacting the environment by promoting planting and growing our food.


As most of us know, paper has a long history dating back to 6000 B.C. when it was invented from the papyrus plant. In 2015, Silent Beads PH emerged as a visionary eco-social entrepreneurship venture with a mission to tackle the issue of paper waste innovatively and creatively. It introduced a groundbreaking concept that creates plantable products to transform paper into its botanical form. Introducing this ingenious concept in the country has created a beautiful and eco-friendly solution to transform waste into a positive force for our planet.

The journey to creating plantable paper seed products starts with brown paper waste. Silent Beads PH collects and repurposes used brown paper, which would otherwise be discarded, contributing to landfills and environmental pollution. “Brown paper doesn’t get spoiled easily. Our challenge is to keep them dry so they could last many, many years, until such time that there is a need for us to use them,” Mr. Bryan Cruz mentioned. Committing to recycling and sustainability encourages individuals and businesses to donate their brown paper waste, making this a collaborative effort to reduce paper waste.

The first step in crafting plantable paper involves tearing the collected brown paper into small pieces. With the brown paper pieces ready, the next step involves adding water to facilitate blending. The water softens the paper, allowing it to break down more effectively. Silent Beads PH utilizes blenders to achieve a smooth pulp consistency. This step transforms the brown paper into a workable material that will eventually form the base of the plantable paper seed products. When the paper has been transformed into pulp, they incorporate a key element that gives their plantable papers their unique identity – seeds. Mr. Bryan Cruz said, “The seeds should be small enough to be embedded in the paper. The seeds we use as a standard is spinach. I always recommend it because it is a superfood. You will not only see something grow, but you can also actually eat it".

The pulp infused with seeds is poured into molding screens to give the plantable paper its desired shape and thickness. Once the pulp has been evenly spread on the screens, these are left to dry for 6 to 8 hours. To utilize their products, all you need to do is tear the paper into small pieces, bury them in soil, sprinkle them with water, and witness the magic of growth unfold. Silent Beads PH also offers different products, such as plantable beads, plantable coasters, and gardening starter kits.

Silent Beads PH encourages recycling, sustainable living, and an active commitment to environmental conservation through these steps.

Twice the Eco-Magic, Two Times a Hero

Silent Beads PH: Transforming paper waste into plantable wonders!


Mr. Bryan Cruz shared that the venture initially took root in 2009 as a passion-based business specializing in fashion jewelry by his wife, Ms. Monnick Cruz. Silent Beads PH’s name was inspired by the Deaf-Mute community in Quezon City, where they conducted a free jewelry-making livelihood workshop sponsored by the Rotary Club.

Reflecting on their journey as fashion jewelry artists for years, they encountered a recurring issue—the challenge of disposing of excess materials and worn-out pieces. Upon broader contemplation, they recognized that the global waste problem was steadily escalating, and the need for a concrete solution loomed large on the horizon. The turning point for Silent Beads emerged when they discerned the adverse impact of plastics, the primary materials for bead crafting and jewelry-making, on the environment and the planet. They embarked on a transformative journey driven by their commitment to environmental conservation. Silent Beads ventured into a new realm of creativity and innovation, striving to reimagine its craft through an eco-friendly lens.

“When Monnick started this, it was a combination of many ideas and values, but the most notable is being a mother for her. A mother has many functions – nurturing, giving, and also caring, not only for our daughter, not only for this generation, but also for the next ones. There is a saying that 'our planet is only loaned to us; we owe it to the next generation to take care of it,'” he added.

Their evolution exemplified a perfect amalgamation of creativity, business acumen, and environmental consciousness. The journey from fashion jewelry artists to pioneers of plantable paper seed products embodied their unwavering commitment to embrace sustainability and positively impact the world.

Overall impact

Silent Beads is a testament to the power of passion, vision, and conscious entrepreneurship. By transforming challenges into opportunities, it inspires others to join the movement of nurturing a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come. Its commitment to supporting multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is commendable and reflects its dedication to addressing various aspects of sustainable development.

SDG 1: No Poverty

Silent Beads PH's innovative approach to crafting plantable paper seed products helps promote sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment. Creating eco-friendly products inspires conscious consumerism, providing an opportunity for individuals to contribute to environmental preservation while supporting a local business.

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

By offering workshops and livelihood opportunities related to its plantable paper seed products to the marginalized members of the community, Silent Beads PH supports SDG 8 by contributing to decent work and economic growth. These initiatives empower individuals and communities to participate in sustainable business practices.

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Through its workshops and educational efforts, Silent Beads PH contributes to SDG 11 by fostering awareness and engagement in sustainable practices within urban communities. Its focus on planting and greening initiatives also aligns with creating more sustainable and environmentally conscious cities.

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Silent Beads PH is at the forefront of responsible consumption and production, as its plantable paper seed products encourage consumers to adopt eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper. Reducing paper waste and promoting sustainable practices contribute to SDG 12's goal of responsible resource use.

SDG 15: Life on Land

Using recycled paper to create their plantable paper seed products, Silent Beads PH helps reduce the demand for new paper production, which, in turn, lessens the need to cut down trees for paper materials. This conservation effort is vital in safeguarding forest ecosystems and their supporting biodiversity.

Business benefit

One of the key aspects of Silent Beads PH's business impact is the acceptance of donated brown paper, which contributes to significant reductions in material costs. The donated brown paper, repurposed into the base material for their plantable papers, effectively minimizes the need to purchase new supplies. This cost-saving measure enables Silent Beads PH to channel resources toward furthering its mission of promoting green and sustainable living. Embracing this eco-conscious methodology not only reduces its environmental footprint but also reinforces its branding as an environmentally responsible enterprise.

“It is not that rewarding for us financially in such a way that one day, we can become millionaires. I think the more orders we have, the more people we can help,” said Mr. Bryan Cruz when asked about the business impact of their innovation.

For Silent Beads PH, the focus is not solely on the bottom line or maximizing profits. Instead, its priority lies in making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Mr. Bryan highlights that the more orders they receive, the more people they can support and provide livelihood opportunities for.

Their commitment to helping others extends beyond financial considerations. Silent Beads PH understands the importance of affordability and accessibility for its customers. They are willing to lower prices, sometimes even reaching breakeven, to ensure that their products are accessible to those who may have budget constraints. Their genuine concern lies in the positive impact they can make and the support they can provide, rather than solely pursuing monetary gain.

Silent Beads PH's commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable business practices has attracted the attention of big businesses with similar environmental initiatives. By forging strategic partnerships, the venture has access to wider networks and resources, amplifying its impact. Collaborating with big businesses not only expands their market reach but also showcases the viability of sustainable practices within the business world.

Social and environmental benefit

Silent Beads PH harnesses the power of sustainability to create a positive social impact, demonstrating how businesses can become catalysts for meaningful change. Offering employment and training to individuals fosters economic empowerment and social inclusion.

Also, one of the social benefits of Silent Beads PH's initiatives is its approach to sourcing seeds. Procuring seeds locally, sometimes directly from farmers, contributes to the growth and sustainability of local agricultural communities. Another one is its advocacy for planting and gardening, a crucial element of its social impact efforts. Encouraging individuals to grow their food promotes food security and self-sufficiency.

The launch of the "Paper Bag Movement" by Silent Beads PH is a testament to their unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable practices and environmental conservation. This initiative showcases their determination to go beyond their core business and be a driving force for positive change in society. "We are happy that many other people, other small companies, and also big companies are slowly but surely getting into the eco-friendly bandwagon," said Mr. Bryan Cruz.

Regarding environmental benefits, Silent Beads PH's sustainability journey revolves around converting paper waste into plantable paper seed products. Through active encouragement, they motivate individuals and businesses to donate their brown paper waste, diverting substantial amounts of paper from landfills. This dual approach not only eases the burden on waste management systems but also curtails the need for new paper production, reducing deforestation rates.

By combining the recycling of paper waste and the promotion of tree planting and gardening, Silent Beads PH's mission encompasses a dual approach to environmental protection. It demonstrates a comprehensive commitment to environmental protection, seeking to create a positive impact on the planet and preserve its resources for current and future generations.


Bryan Cruz, Co-Founder

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Silent Beads PH

Silent Beads PH

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Year Founded: 2015
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Established in 2015, Silent Beads PH is a pioneering eco-social entrepreneurship venture that leads the way in sustainable innovation. At the forefront of their mission are the founders, Bryan and Monnick Cruz, who are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. They have introduced groundbreaking plantable paper seed products, revolutionizing how we approach environmental conservation by saving Mother Earth twice.