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Digital Transformation to Improve Health and Well-Being / Transformación digital para la mejora en salud y bienestar


3. Good Health and Well-Being


CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Systems through an innovative system with digital transformation improved the administrative and health processes within its 11 hospitals in 7 states of the Mexican Republic.


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Carmina López


Universidad de Monterrey

Universidad de Monterrey


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Consuelo Garcia-de-la-torre


The innovation they carried out is CONECTA SALUD, which consists of an end-to-end digital transformation program in each of its processes from patient entry to discharge, which positively impacts the global objective of the UN number 3, of “ Good health and well-being ”

The automation in administrative processes, in the technological renovation of the hospital system, implementing not only the hospital electronic file, which is already a very generalized practice, but also digitizing each part of the medical care improving patient safety within the facilities creating a trace staff in each of the services and especially in the management and use of medications, in order to provide better quality and safety in patient care since one of the most frequent medical errors, and that even a few years ago was considered as The third cause of death in the world is precisely medication errors.

CONECTA SALUD has as strategic partners (business partners) Phillips, Neoris, SAP, Deloitte, Kronos and Grupo Assa, among others, thus ensuring that the technology implemented is and meets the highest quality standards.

Digital Transformation to Improve Health and Well-Being / Transformación digital para la mejora en salud y bienestar


The idea and inspiration arose even before the pandemic with the firm objective and need to digitize and optimize the complex processes that exist within a hospital and improve safety in critical care processes, especially to reduce medication errors and errors in the identification of the patient as well as better control of the procedures to be carried out within its facilities. The improvement in the quality of health care has gained special relevance in recent years and focuses on the premise of patient safety during their care.

Overall impact

This innovation of digital transformation becomes a great tool in the rational and efficient use of medicines and reduction of errors in medication by making efficient the processes of management, storage, prescription, transcription, administration, monitoring of adverse reactions, suitability and conciliation.

Likewise, it significantly reduces medical errors during critical processes and makes medical care more securely efficient and agile, with an impact on the quality of health care.

In addition to generating administrative structure, they unleash benefits such as significant savings in money, time and resources, making care more efficient.

The arrival of COVID implied speeding up the implementation of these processes but in addition to restructuring the priorities that the project would bring with it, thus being able to speed up care and respond to the demands and challenges that the pandemic represents.

The cultural impact within the company and the safety and quality service of patient care that is made more efficient is what the innovation in digital transformation, called CONECTA SALUD, provides CHRISTUS MUGUERZA as a health company.

The new processes that have been generated as a result of the implementation of the digital transformation also benefit employees, strategic partners such as suppliers, medical staff and insurance companies, as well as counselors, government organizations and civil organizations with those that are related.

Business benefit

Efficient administrative processes make the company benefit and the health business be responsible in maximizing the resources used for the care and attention of patients.

In the same way, it helps the rational consumption of medicines and supplies, generating savings for the patient.

The savings in processes and in the acquisition of supplies are invested in improving the benefits and salaries of employees, as well as in investments for new hospitals and new services within the hospitals.

Social and environmental benefit

The environmental benefit, which has the implementation of digital innovation, reducing the use and unnecessary consumption of paper, is a medium-term bet, since the traditional culture of all the actors in the adoption of new technologies and new perspectives for sustainability It is a strategy that takes stages to cover the entire system in which CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Systems is made up, since it has 11 hospitals and non-hospital health businesses such as the 7/24 Ambulance service and nurses located in schools and factories. It will therefore take time to generalize the practices and the system.

The implementation of the digitization processes that the CONECTA SALUD program entails will significantly benefit in the foreground the quality of medical care, its processes, reducing errors in critical care systems and reinforcing security in care. But it will undoubtedly also benefit the environment as the use of paper and materials is significantly reduced. The zero paper trend in many other organizations is a goal to pursue with this innovation.

At this time, in the CM Saltillo hospital, where the digital innovation processes are fully deployed, there is a reduction between 90 and 95% in the use of paper. Due to Mexican regulations on health issues, paper cannot be completely eliminated, since the Ministry of Health requires that clinical records and medical documentation be kept on file for a certain number of years. However, what was saved on paper in almost two years, for example, translates into a significant benefit for the environment.

At the social level, a cultural transformation necessary for the adoption of technological innovation is promoted. All staff at CM Saltillo, regardless of the level of contribution, be it doctor, nurse, mayor or administrative, is integrated into the digital culture with the use of processes and technology. This contributes to shorten the inequality gaps, within the company, in digital illiteracy as well as to break down barriers where each employee understands that each one is an important part of an organization that provides health services to patients and the community where they are located. .


Claudia Krowicki, Gerente de Transformación Digital.

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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MX

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Year Founded: 1934

Number of Employees: 5001 to 10000

CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Sistemas Hospitalarios, is an organization with the mission of "Extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ", seeking to be leaders in private medical care in Mexico, exceeding the expectations of quality of medicine and increasing community help to the most needy.

Currently, it has 11 hospitals in 7 states of the Mexican Republic. The organization seeks at all times to work with respect for people, being upright and always seeking to offer services of excellence. In addition, concerned with serving people with love and empathy, and a prudent use of resources, it is a company with social responsibility, since they seek to bring world-class medical care to the most needy, in addition to strengthening and supporting communities in those that operate, and taking care of the resources of our planet with digital transformation projects and technology that allows them to reduce, as far as possible, the consumption of resources such as paper, water, electricity, among others