TPMS innovation in the automotive electronics industry

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Pengcheng thought innovation originated from human needs, the goal of Yuanyue is to make the world a better place, so the automotive electronics sold by Yuanyue are all aimed at improving the emission standards of cars, making cars more environmentally friendly, and reducing the environmental pollution of car emissions.





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Gitanjali Bedi


In the past few years, the company has developed a Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS), because many drivers cannot quickly and accurately detect the lack of air in their car tires when driving. Instead of inflating the tires in time, these drivers continuously drive their cars on the road. Because of insufficient tire air, this approach will increase the fuel consumption of the car,so the environmental pollution will increase accordingly. The second point is that under the same driving distance of the tire, tire wear is increased, and the toxic gas produced by the wear of the tire is discharged into the air, which will cause environmental pollution, so Yuanyue developed the system to solve this problem. From 2020, the Chinese government will require new cars to be installed with TPMS when they leave the factory.

TPMS innovation in the automotive electronics industry


Pengcheng found that the pollution caused by traditional cars to the environment is very large, which runs counter to sustainable development, so he wanted to do something meaningful to improve this situation, and he has been working hard in this direction. The purpose of Yuanyue is to improve the environment so that human beings can enjoy the convenience of the car and minimize the environmental pollution caused by the exhaust of the car. “As long as the goal of innovation is beneficial to mankind, innovative ideas and methods will emerge endlessly, and inspiration will be unlimited,” said Pengcheng.

Overall impact

Socially and environmentally, automotive electronics are closely related to our daily lives. People can enjoy the convenience of cars while reducing pollution to the environment, which is a positive impact on our global society. The short-term impact is to promote the automotive electronics industry's emphasis on innovation and reduce automotive environmental pollution. In the long run, not only the efforts of Yuanyue corporation but also the efforts of other companies in this industry, will ultimately greatly reduce the impact on the environment. For example, the haze situations in Beijing and Shanghai can be reduced in the future if all the cars use TPMS.

Business benefit

Innovation is of great help to business interests, as Yuanyue has developed more marketable products in accordance with the concept of innovation. These products have achieved good sales performance and customer feedback is very good. Pengcheng said “Since we were one of the first companies in China to design the TPMS, our annual sales have doubled since we launched the system before last year. Then I invested a third of the profits in the development of new scientific research and technology because technology is constantly emerging, we must go forward on the way of innovation.”

In addition, Innovation has brought great development to Yuanyue corporation. Innovation makes the automotive electronics industry and customers more able to accept products and concepts of Yuanyue corporation. Pengcheng said “Innovations are the activities that bring new value to industry and human society through technological improvements” At present, the company has 7 automotive electronics technology development teams, a total of 85 technical personnel, distributed in ten cities in China. It also continues to form strategic partnerships with world-class electronic device companies in the automotive electronics field, and jointly serve Chinese automotive electronics companies.

Social and environmental benefit

Yuanyue's innovation is carried out around the development of environmentally friendly products, the purpose is to reduce the environmental pollution of automobile exhaust. The innovative ideas of Yuanyue corporation are highly aligned with goal 11:sustainable cities and goal 13: communities and climate action in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, contribution to the achievement of is sustainable cities and communities is made by the location of Yuanyue. It is located in the Jiading district of Shanghai, the fastest developing city in China. This city is an excellent sustainable city. On July 1, 2019, it was the first city in China to do garbage classification, and the residents have a strong sense of sustainable development. Jiading has green and environmentally-friendly industrial parks that meet the needs of modern city functions and ecological environment.

Yuanyue corporation has developed TPMS that can help drivers monitor the tire pressure at any time, which is to maintain the normal working pressure of the tire, thereby reducing fuel and tire consumption, protecting the environment, and air quality. Yuanyue’s innovation is fruitful and very forward-looking, it promoted social progress. Yuanyue has made outstanding contributions to the climate action of Shanghai, automotive electronics can reduce toxic emissions from cars and slow climate change.


Pengcheng Zhang, Boss

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