The Sun is the Future

The Sun is the Future


13. Climate Action


SOLARVER is a Mexican company that offers the best solutions in solar panels for energy saving, the company has less than two years, which has managed to offer the market the installation of solar panels in Mexican homes, despite having its offices physically in the state of Veracruz, its coverage can reach other states within the national territory.


Hiram Humberto Castro de la Rosa

Hiram Humberto Castro de la Rosa


Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla


Miguel Hernández Lechuga

Miguel Hernández Lechuga


This initiative allows changing the traditional consumption of light in homes or businesses, which has a high economic cost and a pollutant because in Mexico consumption, not counting that energy consumption is a pollutant, 75% of the energy in Mexico is produced by burning fossil fuels. This technology allows reducing the impact of the carbon footprint generated by homes or businesses.

The Sun is the Future


The UVM (Universidad del Valle de México) Campus Veracruz offer a bachelor degree program in sustainable development where future engineers Jorge Sosa, Roberto Tapia, and Joaquín Ahumada carried out their studies, which allowed them to get to know each other and to forge a friendship that would lead them to forge something equally great.

In 2019, when Roberto Tapia and Joaquín Ahumada were finishing their studies, they decided to start a joint project for the sale and installation of solar panels for the homes of the inhabitants of the region, motivated by the dream of generating a solar panel company. In addition, they had an excellent business opportunity, being Veracruz an area where climatic conditions and high temperatures force people to consume large amounts of electricity in order to provide comfort to their homes.

However, they encountered obstacles, due to the high costs of the suppliers they wanted for their future company, lacking sufficient knowledge about the best suppliers of solar panels and the due process of installing these, they approached Jorge Sosa, an engineer who already had prior knowledge of suppliers, and also his own facilities, allowing Roberto and Joaquín to learn what is necessary to be able to set up their own company. In the end, Mr. Sosa opened an invitation to the young apprentices to create a new company, pushing Roberto and Joaquín to achieve their dream.

With this, the engineers established 2020 the SOLARVER company, which was born from the interest of the three partners (Jorge Sosa, Roberto Tapia, and Joaquín Ahumada) for sustainable energies and for beginning to incorporate the culture of cleaner energy consumption, taking advantage of the sun as the main source, for homes of Veracruz, through the installation of solar panels.

Overall impact

The electricity consumption and, in consequence, the bill charged by the federal electricity company providing the main power service is significantly reduced. In addition to this, the ecological impact that is currently had is also reduced.

Business benefit

This innovation shows a competitive advantage within the current world of companies that have this service, showing that the differential does have a positive impact on the company.

Social and environmental benefit

The main impact on society is that the quality of both the product and the service provided by SOLARVER has generated greater interest on the part of the population to consume clean energy. In addition to being a company that seeks gender equality, offering the same job opportunities to both men and women and non-discrimination within their work areas.


Roberto Tapia, La entrevista de SOLARVER

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Business Website:

Year Founded: 2019

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

We are a Mexican company that offers you the best solutions in solar panels to save energy. Either for your home or business, we develop a customized and tailored solar panel installation project, backed by the best service you will find in the market.

The traditional consumption of electricity in our home or business is very expensive, not to mention that it is highly polluting and harmful to the environment. An installation of solar panels is the solution to both problems.

Investing in solar panels, or photovoltaic energy is a safe investment with a return on investment of 3 to 5 years. You will have a saving of up to 95% on your electricity bill.

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