The Next Chapter Restore 100% of Global Water used by 2025


6. Clean Water and Sanitation 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities


The innovation is Restore 100% of Global Water Use by 2025 by executing different projects inside of Intel. The project that we describe is the process to give the farmer better data to make decisions about the optimal time to water and plant their crops.


Carlos A. Villavicencio

Carlos A. Villavicencio


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EGADE Business School Tecnologico de Monterrey


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Fernanda Concha


Intel recognizes that water is a critical natural resource that is of strategic importance to their business and the communities in which they operate. They acknowledge the importance of having guiding principles in terms of their responsible use and preservation of this vital resource.

In order to restore to the community Intel searches environmental groups to find projects that are highly impactable and provide long term benefits to the ecosystem.

The Next Chapter Restore 100% of Global Water used by 2025


Based on the amount of water that Intel uses in its processes, the idea is to restore the communities with the same amount that the company uses in its operations.

Overall impact

The overall impact is to develop technological solutions that help the community to reduce the environmental footprint.

Business benefit

For decades, Intel has invested significant resources in innovative conservation efforts. And its multifaceted water strategy consists on 3 main objectives:

1. Conserve the amount of water used in their operations.

2. Collaborate on water initiatives with their local communities.

3. Create technology solutions to help others reinvent the way they use and conserve water.

Water is essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Intel uses ultra pure water to remove impurities from their silicon wafers, and uses industrial and reclaimed water to run their manufacturing facility systems.

Social and environmental benefit

The company's water commitment amplifies the business case for sustainability. Intel's investment in water sustainability -- including conservation and reuse -- has had considerable positive impact on the health of communities that rely on rivers and aquifers for water supply and sustained economic vitality.

Intel Corporation has been a leader in sustainable water management for close to two decades. In 2016, the company conserved 4.6 billion gallons of water, enough to fill almost 7000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Fawn Bergen, Manager of the Water Programs

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