The Development of Recycling Package Solution that Contribute

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TW México is part of a Global Network that includes more than a half a century´s worth of accumulated experience and know-how gained through helping companies reduce total packaging cost, and rationalize their material handling and logistic systems.

The strength and breadth of Tri-Wall’s Global Network means rapid, effective response to the demands of an increasingly sophisticated economy; an economy that depends – every single day-on the safe, efficient, and environmentally conscientious transport of hundreds of millions of products, to every corner of the globe.

On the other hand, the company is comitted with the society by creating a work source that is focus on the following values:

Integrity: Being fair, candid and ethical in dealing with customers, suppliers, partners and communities.

Quality: Getting it right the first time

Innovation: Developing a product and service offering that is ahead of the competition


Gladys Rivas

Gladys Rivas

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Valeria de la Cruz


Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla


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Miguel Hernández Lechuga


TW México is a company that aimes to reduce 20% in total cost of the packaging products of its customers and 50% in environmental burden. The company provides consultation and service support at customer´s request by conducting a systematic Value Analysis wich means analize current packaging system for improvement, establish points of current system to be improved and propose design to implement those improvements.

Using their state-of-the-art materials the company is able to reduce CO2 emissions (compared to wood packaging) by reducing the weight of the packaging itself, improving logistic efficiency, and in some cases using returnable packaging.

Emphasizing on the wood substitution, the company innovated on the use of cardboard for the pallets, instead of the wood use. Since cardboard has the capacity to be recycled to create new products.

On the other hand, the company focuse on providing decent work to its employees and above all seeks gender equality, having equal percentages of participation between both genders in strategic positions of the company.

The Development of Recycling Package Solution that Contribute


In the interview with the general manager of TW Mexico, he highlighted the origin of his inspiration, which he considers is to be part of a company with an international presence with which he shares the values ​​that govern it, as well as its mission and vision, which are focused on the creation of packaging solutions that optimize the operations of their customers and at the same time considering the environmental impact.

“As we known, the consumption of packaging material has had a great growth due to the global context in which we live and it is a great challenge to be part of this industry that is constantly growing and innovating.

On the social side, we are a company that faithfully believes that the reason for our success is due to all the people who are part of it, since thanks to the fact that we are a company that seeks the well-being of its personnel, we have been able to increase our productivity and operational results, which therefore leads us to maximize our profits.”

Overall impact

At TW México, everything we do is dedicated to protecting our precious environment and reducing the impact that our activities have on it. In short, we strive at all times to lead the way in green best practice and make a positive impact on the communities in which we work.

Throughout our business, we operate a series of strict policies to ensure that all of our processes, from manufacture to transportation, reduce our carbon footprint.

Business benefit

Being a company that provides packaging solutions for different types of industry, the company is in constant search for innovative ideas in order to be competitive in the market, it is always seeking for options that optimize the life of the product and the load capacity, at the same time as savings in relation to the resources used and time.

Something important to consider is that to implement any innovation that seeks to obtain some improvement, whether in process efficiency, costs or sustainability, a large investment of time and resources is necessary. If you seek to have fast changes and with greater profits, the investment of research time and resources is greater.

This is how it can be mentioned that innovation does generate profits and benefits to the company if, from the moment of gestation of the idea, the factors to innovate were well defined, a good plan for its investigation was implemented and it had a continuous follow-up in the development stage.

Innovation is rooted in the company because it is in itself its Core-business since it is dedicated to generate packaging solutions by implementing innovation.

Due to the above, it is a scalable model due to the fact that the industry has a constant demand and a growth trend of the products in question and, , in logistical terms, all its clients are in constant search of cost optimization, within which are the efficiency in the transportation of their products as well as their protection, which is a focus of the packaging solutions provided by TW Mexico.

Social and environmental benefit

This benefit brings a great environmental impact since the company seeks to use raw material that has the least impact on the environment, added to this, it is an industry that applies reverse logistics for the reuse of its products.

Regarding social benefit, TW Mexico is a source of employment whose principle is to ensure the well-being of all its business partners, collaborators and customers.


Giovanni Nicoletti, General Manager

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TW México

TW México

Puebla, MX

Business Website: https://tri-wall.com/

Year Founded: 2019

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Dedicated to making the Tri-Wall name synonymous with Integrity, Quality, and Innovation, we strive to offer a unique combination of integrated packaging solutions and services unmatched by any other company: to be the Only One