The Community Empowerment at Wargamart


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Wargamart gives ideas about community empowerment through the laundry community, home made industry for food, food bazaar and sustainable plastic bags. This makes the company learn about how to disrupt themselves using sustainable value for their business.


Alexander Adhitya

Alexander Adhitya


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


The Innovation that the company has for empowering the community are:

1. Empower the laundry community by providing laundry service to their retail store. This will help the community and also the people surrounding because in Jakarta where the people should become mobile, washing the clothes becomes a challenge for some people and it needs the laundry service which offers a competitive price and good quality. This will align with the UN goals which is partnership for goals to create a better life environment through community empowerment.

2. Empower the community through the home industry food. Home Industry food will become the product that is very unique in Wargamart, because the one who makes the product is the people from the surrounding area. This will create a lot of jobs and at the same time increase the economy of the people surrounding.

3. Customer Loyalty program for those practicing the sustainable shopper. Wargamart will give the loyalty points based on the customer behavior through shopping with using their owned bag. Wargamart also collaborates with Google to make this happen and could know the customer even though the customer does not bring the loyalty card.

The Community Empowerment at Wargamart


The Inspiration of the innovation is the problems surrounding which are that Wargamart is the only retail store for the people surrounding and sometimes for the urgent needs, people tend to buy fast and they will choose Wargamart. They are also one of the retail store that donate a part of the profit for Mosque and charity to people that need help. These are not far from the company's vision as well to fulfill the daily needs of the people surrounding while empowering the community and working while praying to the others.

While Wargamart is one of the examples of sustainable retail stores because in terms of packaging, they have already changed by using degradable packaging and having the customer bring their own bags for the supermarket. This becomes an example for the supermarkets surrounding, where the other supermarkets in Jakarta are still using plastic.

Overall impact

The overall impact of the innovation is that people feel happy, and it creates additional jobs and fulfills the emergency demands of the people surrounding. Because they have a strong partnership with Unilever, they tend to help the other businesses, which are small traditional stores, to supply the Unilever goods from Wargamart.

People feel helped because the owner sells at quite a lower price for very needed commodities like gas, water gallons, etc. This will create a positive environment in which the business becomes the center of the activity in order to serve and maintain the good ecosystem for living.

Business benefit

The revenue is always increased every year through the community involvement, especially from the Laundry service, they even ask to the community more and more again because it is so high demand, and helps others with the competitive price and good quality.

The people also feel help, especially the community, because they have places they could market their product and they were so grateful with that and Wargamart became one of the pioneers of retail store in south Jakarta

Social and environmental benefit

Wargamart already tried non-plastic packaging, and Wargamart became one of the retail stores that became a crowd leader in the eco-friendly business community, and also attracts many people and helps small businesses to open some street food which is open at night, like satay, dimsum, siomay, etc. The Wargamart created a simple social effect that attracts people .

People also feel respected and they tend to practice more positive things. The volume of transactions tend to be higher and higher. This is the result of their eco-social friendly activity.


Bayu Pradipta, Owner (2nd Generation which will continue the Business in Future)

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South Jakarta, Greater Area Jakarta, ID

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2010

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Wargamart, which is in the retail industry, sells daily home product needs likes, breads, syrups, cosmetics, detergents, snacks, food and beverages, gas and water gallons. They also have product which comes from the surrounding community which are laundry services, etc.

Wargamart was created by a Man who previously worked in the sales division in a company. He started the business from zero and managed the retail store by himself. In the first year he had so many difficulties that often cannot be coped with, but time by time he could cover it up and even become a favorite choice for the people surrounding.

Wargamart is being known for the Single Convenience store, because they just have one branch only and are still managed by family for the business itself. Currently his son is very active in rebranding the Wargamart and has strong partnerships with Unilever as one of the Unilever flagship retail stores in South Jakarta in the Small medium Retail Business Classification