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Since 2015, GMH is working to mitigate global warming and the depletion of natural resources by giving an efficient use of energy, water and the protection of biodiversity, managing a set of actions that optimize the relationship between the use of natural resources and the final products and services offered by the hotel.


William Vargas

William Vargas

David Pinzón

David Pinzón


Universidad Externado de Colombia

Universidad Externado de Colombia


Gustavo A Yepes López

Gustavo A Yepes López


The “Huéspedes verdes” program was created to encourage the guests to participate together with us in the protection of the environment. Through an energy efficiency plan, water management / treatment and the protection of biodiversity.

The program Pioneers in Conservation contemplates the protection of water, forest, moors and biodiversity in the natural national park Chingaza (located in the Eastern mountain range in the Andean region in Colombia.) this National park supplies about 80% of the total water consumption in Bogotá and it is the Andean bear’s natural habitat, which is a endangered specie that is fundamental for the ecosystem. GMH contributes resources to the Natural Heritage Fund to execute programs that allow the conservation of the Andean bear (endangered species) and the entire ecosystem of the moors. The program includes from the installation of trap cameras for the monitoring and study of the Andean bear, to reforestation programs and work with the community.

The management to mitigate these impacts focuses on a Sustainability Management System particularly in the energy efficiency program and the efficient water management program with coverage for guests, employees, collaborators and visitors with scope to all service areas and processes administrative procedures through the PDCA (plan, do, check ,act) methodology.

Hotels, due to the nature of their operation, contribute to the generation of impacts by consuming natural resources and emitting greenhouse gases. However, there are operational controls, energy and water efficiency programs and compensation programs to mitigate the corresponding impact.

The Best Hosts in Colombia ... The Best Guests on the Planet


In accordance with the worldwide concern for environmental problems, where the hotel industry in general has a high impact at a social, economic and environmental level. GMH is recognized as an agent of change, taking the decision to know the environmental impact generated by the development of its corporate purpose, establishing a sustainability program as an option to develop strategies that reduce its environmental impact in the provision of its services.

"The world is facing a reality that is a violent deterioration in the whole geography of the world, there is a responsibility of the companies of the individuals to face this situation" affirms Alejandro Morales Executive Vice President at GMH.

Overall impact

The energy efficiency programs, water and the protection of biodiversity, incorporate guests, employees, collaborators and visitors, giving scope to all areas of service including administrative processes where great impacts are generated, some examples are:

Awareness of the efficient use of energy and water

Awareness and continuous training program for collaborators

Use of efficient lighting (LED)

Use of motion sensors

Use of room opening cards connected to the electrical system

Measurement of carbon footprint

GMH has a sewage water treatment plant and rainwater tanks for reuse in sanitary and irrigation of plants respectively

Implementation of water saving systems in showers, sinks, dishwashers and toilets

Possibility of the customer to choose the frequency of the change and washing of linen

Liquid and solid waste management program

Speakers and campaigns for efficient water management

This being part of GMH philosophy.

Business benefit

As a result of these programs, GMH has achieved up to 50% energy and water consumption in each hotel.

It is within the acceptable parameters of energy consumption and water networks with respect to hotels in the sector of similar services.

In 2018, GMH decreased energy consumption per guest by 10% compared to 2017 and by 50% compared to the beginning of the energy efficiency program in 2015.

The hotel exceeded the goal of 30% energy efficiency savings proposed during the first three years of implementation of the programs.

There was a reduction in water consumption by 24% compared to 2017 and% 50% with respect to base year 2015.

"All these strategies have brought us different national and international recognition, obtaining the certification in tourism sustainability, the Colombian environmental stamp, and social responsibility certificate by fenalco solidary and internationally we have been awarded by the Mexican center of philanthropy as a socially responsible company." Says Diana Goyeneche Head of Sustainability at GMH.

At the level of clients who are in the vein of social responsibility and who are aware of the environment, they have preferred us over other options, we see this daily in RFP processes (Tenders) being recognized in the sector and making GMH the first option against the competition.

Social and environmental benefit

GMH has managed to strengthen relations with the community with strategies such as the inclusion of local suppliers and requirements for purchases and sustainable materials.

“With the "pioneer in conservation" program, it has been possible to install around 50 trap-type cameras that help to monitor the bear to know how they live and implement a strategy for conservation”, says Diana Goyeneche Head of Sustainability GMH.

Tree planting activities were carried out in 2018. 120 trees were planted, in these activities we included the community, employees and their children.

Work has been done at an educational level for the population that lives in the natural park of Chingaza so that they themselves are pioneers in the conservation of the bear, GMH also donate 40 efficient stoves so that the population reduces the felling of trees related to their cooking processes and thus control the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Diana Goyeneche, William Vargas, David Pinzon

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