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The Art and Science of Communication


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Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of Management


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Point Taken is a consulting firm which teaches health care professionals and those in the medical field how to convey their ideas more effectively. The major innovation is translating science and published research into a usable form tailored to the client's needs. The firm is woman owned and the majority of employees are women. This places the company in a strong position to support gender equality for women-as clients and employees.


Tara Traeder, vice president at Point Taken describes the innovation as follows: “In the Western world we know that as a presenter it is the male model that gets attention. Men are taller, bigger and have lower voices. These are the things that an audience notices. We are supporting all humans to use physical delivery skills and voice to make their message heard. Females have to model these skills to have an impact.” Knowing this is based in science, the team at Point Taken uses this science to educate their clients in a practical and effective way to improve their ability to be heard.

She considers the word innovation and then offers that it is an interesting word for companies like Point Taken. Explaining this further she observes that one can learn communication with Google. She states that the ideas are out there. The innovation in her view, is that it is a “people centered company.” The focus is not on the trainers as givers of information standing in front of the room, but rather the client and their needs are central. The content of each seminar is customized to the specific needs of the customers and this content is delivered by trainers who speak their language. “We like to have a good time and don’t ourselves too seriously!” she adds.

It appears that the outward focus on the client, and customized content delivered by this tight knit, loyal and fun-loving group of experts sets Point Taken apart.

The Art and Science of Communication


Traeder readily states that Beth Rogers, founder and president of the company, is the inspiration. She describes Rogers as “a true giver, giving to others in huge ways. She is going to do the good work without the pomp and circumstance. This allows one to let their guard down. Trainers can be intimidating but there is a humanness to Beth and those she attracts into her sphere."

Traeder exactly the type attracted into the sphere. She studied health care communication at Emerson College in Boston, where she first met Rogers. Landing a job with a public relations firm in New York she worked in consumer and sexual health. After a few years she pursued a doctorate in communication and rhetoric. There she began her teaching career as a graduate student. In 2013 she “auditioned” for a job at Point Taken. Clearly, she brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience, but she also reflects the humanness and kindness that she sees in Rogers.

Overall impact

The impact of the innovative teaching and charismatic group at Point Taken is evident as they see clients over and over again. They have never done push marketing. In the 20-year history of the company, all business has come by word of mouth. “Word of mouth is so profound that it speaks to the impact,” Traeder states, with a bit of awe and admiration in her voice.

These recommendations are so strong that they continue to build the company. Many clients come back after a few years. They may recommend Point Taken to colleagues in other departments or reconnect when they assume a new position.

In a recent celebration of their 20-year anniversary, many clients shared their gratitude for the work of Point Taken.

Business benefit

Point Taken is a thriving business with loyal staff and customers. Speaker trainers rarely leave the company nor do the clients! Clients value the quality of the training so much that they recommend it to their colleagues. Employees value the teamwork and work environment. Teaching materials and customized seminars distinguish this company.

Social and environmental benefit

“Communication is almost brazenly simple, but it impacts every minute of every persons’ day," Traeder states. "Purposeful communication can have a ripple effect for good.” Point Taken serves to better communication. It is woman owned and provides a great work environment for a tight knit group of speaker trainers, most of them women. Teachings are based on science and Rogers has studied the science and distilled it into a uniquely usable format for each client.


Tara Traeder, Vice President

Business information

Point Taken

Point Taken

Boston, US
Business Website: https://PointTaken.net
Year Founded: 2002
Number of Employees: 11 to 50
Point Taken is a speaker training company that primarily caters to health care professionals. It was founded by Beth Rogers who trains the trainers and produces customized learning materials for the clients.