Sustaining Self-Worth One Bowl at a Time

The Worthy Company

2. Zero Hunger 3. Good Health and Well-Being 10. Reduced Inequalities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 15. Life on Land


The Worthy Bowls give people adequate nutrition and nourishment which supports the Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger and Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being. The Worthy Company also addresses Goal 5: Gender Equality and Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities by being a women-owned business and bringing in more women, black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) into investing and making efforts toward diversity. The Worthy Company also addresses Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production and Goal 15: Life on Land because the Worthy Bowls are completely vegan, non-GMO and nut, dairy, soy, and gluten-free. The Worthy Company values Mother Nature and all of its inhabitants and the company's goals are to promote self-worth and give nourishment to and nurture as many people as possible.


Aahuti Patel

Aahuti Patel


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Loyola University Chicago


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Nancy Landrum


The business innovation is the Worthy Bowl. There are a variety of filling bowls that give the consumer a balance of fruits, green vegetables, fiber, protein, and Omega-3s. Each 5.7 ounce, 150 calorie bowl has 3 servings of fruits and vegetables along with 8 grams of protein, fiber, and sugar. Every bowl also contains legumes and chia. The Worthy Bowls are available in five flavors ranging from orange and vanilla to dark cocoa cherry, strawberry and greens, mango and greens, and pineapple and greens. The nutritious and delicious bowls are a small on-the-go snack and can also be enjoyed at home. It will give the consumer the pleasure of eating something beneficial to their body and not damaging to the environment. Being vegan, the snacks do not contribute to any negative environmental impacts that stem from animal slaughter and do not contribute to deforestation since livestock are not being bred on vast lands for meat. The Worthy Bowls live up to their name as healthy and harmless to the environment. The Worthy Company has become a movement to make people realize their self-worth and that they are worthy and capable of having the good nutrition that they deserve.

The Worthy Company supports SDG 2: Zero Hunger, Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production, and Goal 15: Life on Land. The Worthy Company is addressing Goal 2 by ensuring that plant-based nourishment is accessible to all. The Worthy Company knows that people are lacking nutrition, especially children so the company wants to provide people with food that gives them adequate nourishment. The Worthy Company supports Goal 3 because it believes that “all people are worthy of plant-based, nourishing foods that feed the body and spirit.” The company wants to let people know that they are worthy of nurturing themselves and to recognize their self-worth through the 'worthy movement. The company addresses Goal 5 because it is a women-owned company that tries to bring more women into investing, and they have recently created a fund to do that. The Worthy Company addresses Goal 10 by bringing BIPOC into investing and help them feel a sense of community in the business. The Worthy Company also helps children in foster care who are at risk of losing their self-worth and family units. They make monthly charitable donations to organizations such as Graham Caring for Kids and Families, Children’s Action Network, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Together We Rise, Founders Give, and many more. The company supports Goal 12 through its products, the Worthy Bowls are plant-based (vegan) so they are consuming and producing responsibly, doing no harm to animals in the process. This ties in with Goal 15, Life on Land because the company does not contribute to animal cruelty or the emissions from raising livestock on vast lands.

Sustaining Self-Worth One Bowl at a Time


The idea of Worthy Bowls came about when the founders Nydia Shipman and Sarah Renahan were looking for a delicious, nutritious, plant-based on-the-go snack that would make them feel satiated. They could not find any snacks in the market that had all these benefits. So Nydia and Sarah were inspired to create the very first snack right in their own kitchens! After that, they knew that people were looking for nutritious and delicious snacks that would hit the “pleasure points,” such as satisfaction from eating a wholesome and decadent treat. This is how the Worthy Bowls innovation came about. Sarah and Nydia started their company on the East Coast in New York and soon relocated to Chicago where the company had a “rebirth.” The founders started their company to give people options to eat plant-based while making them feel worthy of the nourishment. The founders wanted the Worthy Bowls to give the consumer an enjoyable eating experience and to have the sensation of eating food that is filling relishing. As moms, Nydia and Sarah wanted to give their children adequate nutrition and give them the love that they were worthy of. This was the motivation behind the Worthy Company.

When the founders set up their company, they thought it would be easy to run their business. But they initially had challenges since there was no similar product as a Worthy Bowl in the market yet. There was also no one to commercialize the products in the market. The founders had to come up with their own process and find a manufacturing facility, and that took a long time. The founders had the opportunity to work with food science executives who had a lot of industry experience. Soon they had built a team and their products and brand were growing. They worked with co-manufacturers who would make the company’s food and got the products on the shelves in retail stores and online.

First, the company started with the Worthy Bowls but now it is much more; Worthy has become a movement. The Worthy Company believes in giving access to nourishment to all people across the globe and inspiring self-worthiness. Nydia Shipman believes that “feeding your body worthy food is one aspect of treating yourself in a way that helps you nurture your self-worth.” Being true to its name and values, the Worthy Company strives to make sure all children feel worthy and can be nourished and loved. The company advocates for people in the community and gives back to the community. The Worthy Company makes sure to nurture people in the community by giving them nutritional food, money, and resources constantly. The Worthy Company has partnered with and supported many organizations.

Overall impact

Overall, the impact of the Worthy Company is positive on business, society, and the environment. The Worthy Company is a leader in the market offering plant-based nourishing options in a to-go bowl. The Worthy Bowls are one of the only products that offer all the nutritional value and satisfaction of eating healthy, vegan food in a mini-meal bowl. The Bowls are setting the stage for upcoming plant-based and sustaining snacks. The Worthy Bowls are only made from natural ingredients stressing the importance of protection of life on land. The company values self-worth and wants to empower people to feel worthy through eating plant-based and protecting Mother Nature. The Worthy Company is a company started by women who wanted to bring more women into the business investing sector. The company has left no stone unturned to uplift others and make them feel worthy of nourishment and of feeding themselves with great food.

The short term effect of the innovation was the development of Worthy Bowls, creating a new place in the market for affordable, delicious, and healthy snacks that were never seen before. People could get a snack that had it all, fiber, vitamins, and protein. The bowl would satisfy consumers and meet their needs. The long term effects of the innovation were that the snacks were soon becoming available in stores and the product was going on shelves, making it more accessible to a large number of consumers. It is becoming popular since it is one of the few companies to offer consumers a wholesome feeling of eating a healthy, vegan meal. The company wants to educate people that they are worthy of treating themselves with this beneficial snack and are worthy of love and nourishment.

Business benefit

The Worthy Company benefits the business sector by being a leader with its innovation. When the company started, there were no nutritious healthy bowls filled with plant-based ingredients on the market. The Worthy Company is one of the first movers and leaders in the market to offer nutritious and fulfilling bowls with the necessary vitamins and supplements that a person would need. The Worthy Company is striving to give people access to wholesome, nourishing food so the bowls are priced affordably. The demand is growing for plant-based, fulfilling, delicious foods and Worthy Bowls are just the snacks to satiate that demand.

Recently, the Worthy Company has created its own fund and is raising money for ensuring more diversity in investing. The Worthy Company wants to further female entrepreneurship. The goal is to bring more women and BIPOC into investing. The company wants investors who reflect on the consumers that buy the products. This initiative will give a sense of community for the investors coming into the business world for the first time.

Social and environmental benefit

The Worthy Company and its business model is based on the well-being of people and supporting people in society. The Worthy Company’s business model is based on making people know that they are worthy. Providing wholesome mini-meals in a Worthy Bowl to as many people as they can is the purpose of the Worthy Company. The Worthy Company’s business model was already set up as a B corporation when the company was founded so it was not long before it was certified as a B corporation. The founders also believed in giving back to the community and if they could not give back, then there was no point in doing the business. With these values in mind, the Worthy Company donates to various organizations, such as NAACP, LDF, One Simple Wish, Meals on Wheels Chicago, True Colors United, Graham Caring for Kids and Families, Children’s Action Network, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’, Together We Rise, and Founders Give. The company donates time, money, and products to organizations that work with children who are at risk of losing self-worth. The company also works with children in foster care and with family units. The Worthy Company spreads awareness about and supports the initiatives of movements such as the Black Lives Matter Movement and organizations like The Worthy Company’s business model needs to be replicated in today’s world to help people feel worthy and empowered.

The Worthy Company believes in protecting nature and all inhabitants so all of the Worthy Bowls are plant-based (vegan), gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. The Worthy Company’s innovation is centered around the belief of not hurting nature and sustaining life on land while also providing people with all the benefits of natural ingredients. There is less stress on the environment when a company’s products are all-natural and do not harm any animals. This innovation in itself is a big benefit to the environment.

The Worthy Company’s goal is to grow its impact on the community. The company wants to help make a difference and give people support in these times of uncertainty. With the current challenges of the pandemic, the Worthy Company wants to help people by donating food, giving discounts on its products and giving resources to help people uplift themselves in these challenging times. The Worthy Company is more than a food manufacturing company,; it is a company that believes in sustaining self-worth.


Nydia Shipman, Co-Founder/Chief of Creative and Communication

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The Worthy Company

The Worthy Company

Chicago, Illinois, US

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2018

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

The Worthy Company is a private, women-owned business that sells plant-based snack bowls filled with natural and nutritious ingredients. The Worthy Bowls are a unique blend of green plants, fruits, and various spices that give the consumers adequate nutrition, leaving them satisfied. The Worthy Company is a certified B Corporation that gives back to the community in any way that is possible.