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Barrisol is based on using 100% recycled materials in order to create the stretch membrane that is used as custom ceiling tiles and being installed globally in homes, and corporate locations. Barrisol takes back old sheets to its installers to integrate them into a process of recycling.


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The Barrisol brand, created in 1975 has immensely evolved as they continue to exemplify one of the principal ethical frameworks of sustainable development. Fernand Scherrer (Founder) created a business innovation for the world while respecting the environment and studied to design custom stretch ceiling membrane using 100% recycled materials. The production process of the stretch fabric does not need the use of water which is also an effort in conserving this natural resource as well. As there are over 1 million square meters of stretch ceiling installed each year, the benefits of this innovation are that they are preserving an immense number of resources by reusing the materials they already have in order to create double the amount of product and use 20 times fewer resources compared to classic building materials.

By creating this product from recycled materials, the company has noticed a positive effect regarding airflow from the outdoors which promotes a safe and ethical working environment for individuals who have this product installed in office spaces and classrooms, as well as increasing the lifespan of the stretch fabric to 20 years. Supplying and reusing these products is both scalable and replicable in which many companies could switch over to becoming

Stretch to Recycle


Fernand Scherrer and the product development team at Barrisol headquarters were determined to create Scherrer’s childhood dream of preservation while enhancing the architectural world. They recognized a growing market in reusable plastics and creating environmentally-friendly resources and began the testing stages for the product. After a successful trial, Barrisol continues to partake in “green building” constructions for a more efficient and healthier future.

In addition, the steps Barrisol took to create a positive impact on sustainable development should set an example for top business leaders around the world as they struggle to make the switch to an environmentally friendly approach.

Overall impact

After creating a sustainable product and successfully enforcing it for decades, this innovation managed to implement Barrisol as a member of the US, Canadian, and English councils for green buildings. These organizations are forerunners for environmental sustainability for the construction sector, allowing them to become advocates through this topic.

“in order to make the world of tomorrow more beautiful, you first need to work to preserve the world today”

Using these recycled materials has had an immense impact on inventory as well, making it more accessible and cheaper for the business as they use 20 times fewer resources compared to classic building materials. Recycling materials, in general, reduces the urgent need to grow and withdraw natural materials from the earth as well as promote keeping plastic out of the oceans

Business benefit

Due to their brilliance in conducting projects from recycled materials, Barrisol has received over 50 prizes and awards including, Top Design Awards, Innovation Awards, and Performance & Quality Awards. By using these recycled materials, the business has been able to showcase and display amazing design concepts from these stretch ceilings and receive a great deal of publicity attracting project requests from Warner Bros. World, Vatican Exposition, Roma Colosseum, and many more. As a member of the US, Canadian and English councils for Green Buildings, this allows Barrisol to advocate and potentially move the Construction sector into being more environmentally friendly by recycling their materials and reusing them instead of sectioning them as non-reusable waste

Social and environmental benefit

The environmental and societal benefits of Barrisol stretch ceiling fabrics are evident. 100% of all stretch fabrics are recyclable which preserve the environment from withdrawing natural materials from the earth and the lightweight volume of the stretch fabric limits the energy expenses for manufacturing, conditioning, and transporting which then reduces the environmental impacts. The waste generated from the installation and production of the material is also close to 0%. In short, the main goal for Barrisol is to continue to improve environmental quality with a sustainable project design in order to have a healthy and environmentally friendly future.


Heike Pequegnat, Marketing Director

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Toronto, Ontario, CA

Business Website:

Year Founded: 1975

Number of Employees: 5001 to 10000

Barrisol is a stretch custom ceiling company that turns any space into an exceptional presentation of style and design using their 100% recyclable stretch ceiling membrane. Barrisol networks over 1200 installers, which are partners of Barrisol and are located in more than 145 countries.