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Global Goals

1. No Poverty 2. Zero Hunger 3. Good Health and Well-Being 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

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In recent years, Starbucks designed a new service innovation that sustainable development. The business organization developed a plan to hire more college students.

This new project through opening more branch stores where near universities to hiring more college students achieved development goals, like offer more job opportunities, reduced costs, and enriched talent pool. It’s not only improved social economic development but also achieved human resource sustainable development in the long term.

Obviously, Starbucks innovation is participating in partnership to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3 and 8 where active steps are being taken to no poverty, no hunger, good health & well-being and good job & economic growth.


Recently, Starbucks designed a new service innovation that will be attacking several concerns, and they trying to achieve sustainable development in the long-term. The new service innovation is a college job plan, which opens more stores near universities to recruit more college students for part-time job. The first innovation is all of the employees and gets free coffee while they are working (half an hour before or after your shift). One free food item per shift also provided that employees would not starve when they are working.

Starbucks also offer 30% off discount to their employees all the time, so when it is all on sale, go buy some Starbucks cups for collection may be a good choice.

Starbucks also offering health insurance to their part-time employees, and also offer college students some pretty grown-up perks for a college job. This plan is more like living security for college student. In addition, Starbucks also give their employees a chance of earning shares of its stock after work one year, and it is will be a solid investment for a long time.

The store manager of Starbucks John Richardson said: “We have 70% of employees are the part-time college students right now, and we will keep going to do this plan in the future. Joining us is a rare opportunity for college students to anneal and improve yourself.”

Starbucks: More Job Opportunities


Starbucks’ college job project initiative has been inspiring not only the employees and managers but also to part-time college students as well. The manager of the Starbucks John Richardson at Kent told me that he felt this new project inspired most people, whoever the employees or the college students. He stated, “College job plan changed our group a lot since it began. The most important is to take care of your employees and create a favorable working environment and atmosphere for them. Once this is mastered, the employees will feel valued and motivated, which will be apparent in their dedicated work attitude.” We also interviewed a worker who is a part- time college students, he said “Most of the inspired college students through this job opportunity to accumulate rich working experience to improved themselves, not just for making money”. Starbucks has over 13,000 stores in all over the world, consistently pursuing excellence in practising care for associate, care for customers and care for business, it is an excellent development trend.

Overall impact

Overall, Starbucks' innovative management and recruitment methods for employees have made Starbucks a leader in multinational companies. Starbucks distributes a number of stores around the school, and each store offers a large number of jobs to students and more young people. In this way, Starbucks not only allows more people to get employment opportunities but also young people to acquire more successful skills through Starbucks work experience and training. According to the interview, we know that Starbucks' innovative approach to employee own stocks has also made him one of the least likely companies in a multinational company to change jobs. Starbucks uses such benefits to influence employees' harder work because better performance can motivate them to hold more stocks and it is also logical to make customers have a better consumer experience.

Business benefit

As one of the world's finest coffee retailers, Starbucks has long been the focus of the global community. In addition to stable profits, how to effectively feedback society is also considered by Starbucks. Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development goals.

Through interviews, we learned that most of Starbucks' stores opened near the university are available to students to get jobs at school, and they can complete their studies while gaining more work experience. The most famous example of Starbucks is the partnership with Arizona State University to create the Starbucks University Achievements Program. Starbucks has been effective in addressing such issues because of the growing tuition and job reductions that have made many young people less likely to get a better education. The solution is for qualified partners, employees, to provide them with full scholarships to support them in completing their studies. From the perspective of sustainable development, Starbucks is truly decent work and economic growth.

As we all know, Starbucks has become a world-famous multinational company, so the focus of society is also placed on the leader of this coffee field. Starbucks acquired the world's most ethical company in 2018. Every year, Starbucks organizes employees to conduct large-scale community services, invest in development zones such as coffee beans and tea, create more job opportunities for their partners, and effectively improve the economic situation in some areas.

Social and environmental benefit

As a leader in the coffee field, Starbucks is very mature in its social responsibility and environmental protection.

Coffee beans, tea, and cocoa are the basic ingredients for Starbucks making drinks. Starbucks has invested more than $100 million to support the coffee community. These funds are designed to effectively improve farmers' livelihoods and plan to continue to supply coffee beans. In addition, Starbucks is planning to turn coffee into a sustainable program. Starbucks is working with 100 partners to research sustainable coffee and promises to provide 100 million coffee trees to farmers in 2025. At the same time, we use our own strength to protect the environment.

Starbucks manages the source of tea production. Starbucks does not have its own factory to process tea. Starbucks believes that the origin of tea has the best technology for processing tea, so Starbucks provides employment opportunities for these areas, improves the living conditions of more tea farmers, and provides the processing equipment they need. The entire production process becomes more transparent and safer. Not only that, Starbucks is also very concerned about the health and education of its partners. They provide training opportunities and clean water support for local youth.

By 2020, all Starbucks cocoa beverages can be 100% ethical to purchase cocoa. Cocoa is one of Starbucks' most important drinks, so Starbucks attaches great importance to the persistence of cocoa beans. Like tea and coffee beans, Starbucks offers as many job opportunities as possible to Cocoa's partner West Africa. Local economic conditions, and also invested a lot of money in protecting the local environment.

Starbucks not only has strict requirements for all suppliers but also has a well-planned plan for how to achieve sustainable development goals and fulfill social corporate responsibility.


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Starbucks Corporation is a very popular cafe company worldwide. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of early 2019, the company operates over 30,000 locations worldwide.