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Soothing Our Sustainable Soul

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Courtney Nguyen


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Jeff Thies

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3. Good Health and Well-Being 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

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Something Soothing Co specializes in all natural soy wax candles containing ethically sourced and intuitively chosen healing crystals. Through the use of 100% natural essential oils and 100% US grown wooden wicks, Something Soothing hopes to bring forth a sustainable candle that benefits both their consumers and the environment. By being transparent and responsible in their production and consumption process, the company’s innovation brings to life their ability to sooth our inner soul.


Something Soothing Co started off with the goal to enhance self-care routines using natural, vegan, and eco-friendly soy wax candles. Most modern-day candle manufacturers utilize paraffin wax because of its availability to mass produce and emanate stronger scents. However, the environmental impact of mass producing paraffin wax candles is a growing concern as it originates from crude oil- a highly unsustainable and non-renewable resource. With this mass production, candles have been the leading segment of global paraffin wax, accounting for 41.9% of the market revenue in 2015. Not only does the consumption of paraffin wax continue to grow, but the concern of burning this type of wax can emit toxic fumes in one’s home.

“Candles are in our everyday lives, but understanding what goes behind every flame is what is important to us,” co-Founder, Crystal Tran, encourages this through Something Soothing’s vision of making an all-natural candle that is not only the right size for use purposes, but can allocate longer burning times with all recycled and reusable materials. After months of testing and sourcing ingredients, Something Soothing brought about the highest quality of soy wax made entirely by vegetable-based soy beans for their Monday Morning Collection. From the wooden wick to the bamboo lids, each characteristic behind the innovation has been carefully crafted and sourced to ensure responsible consumption and production of every candle.

Soothing Our Sustainable Soul


Growing up, Bath & Body Works candles were a staple in Crystal’s home that brought a sense of coziness with every season. However, she noticed that her family would go through multiple candles a month, and the large jars would end up being burnt or left unfinished from the inconsistent wax burns. She knew that candles had always brought her a sense of comfort, but could no longer watch these jars being tossed aside as she grew older. It was then that Crystal realized how she could integrate both self-care pieces of crystal healing with sustainable candle ingredients to finally light her own flame for good.

Overall impact

Synthetic fragrances have been a huge component of the candle production industry and are known to contain unhealthy ingredients that are often not disclosed to the public. These fragrances consist of hormone-disruptor phthalates and petrochemicals known to cause environmental allergies, cancer, and even birth defects. Crystal wanted to address this issue by being fully transparent with Something Soothing’s natural and clean environmental practices. Their use of 100% pure natural essential oils and 100% US grown wooden wicks that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, promotes the company’s values of lowering their carbon footprint with every burn.

With all materials being sourced ethically to provide a sustainable and affordable product, Crystal stated that Something Soothing wants to “encourage candle consumers to be more self-aware of what goes behind each ingredient and how labels may not be enough for us to know the process behind it.” As a recently established company, Something Soothing has cultivated a following of consumers who are able to enjoy eco-friendly candles while “soothing the soul” every step of the way.

Business benefit

With every material being ethically and locally sourced at the highest quality, the production costs behind Something Soothing is slightly more premium than the average candle company. However, behind a premium process also comes with a premium product that differentiates who they are to their consumers. “We believe it is more important to take the chance in bringing awareness towards these practices and our customers who trust us will also help us slowly make that shift,” says Cristal. By initially attracting consumers who shared the same interest and goals, Something Soothing has been able to increase revenues while also gaining traction across their social media platforms and subscriptions within their first month of launching.

As they develop their next collection, Crystal emphasizes the company’s commitment to furthering their search of sustainable materials for future growth. As a small chain business that hand-makes each product with care, Something Soothing hopes to share the real business benefit of living by their values and commitment to learning along the way.

Social and environmental benefit

Now more than ever, there is a growing responsibility within every business to promote environmental sustainability and ethical practices. Something Soothing Co provides this alternative to the industry by focusing on their transparency and social responsibility behind every step of the process.

When it comes to ingredients, Something Soothing ensures the responsible consumption and production (UN SDG Goal No.12) of their product. The bamboo lids, natural soy wax, and wooden wicks are all biodegradable materials that emulate clean and natural purities. The frosted glass jars are easily washable from the soybean base that can be reused over and over again. The packaging and stuffing paper made from Kraft paper is 100% eco-friendly and compostable. Additionally, the natural crystals are sourced from a California supplier who owns a direct crystal mine that heavily empowers Feng Shui teaching on ethical working environments. Alongside her co-founder, Crystal believes it is important to reflect the company values by starting directly within and, “we do this at Something Soothing by finding the best partners to work with who stand by our goals.”

Something Soothing Co strives to bring both physical and spiritual well-being to their consumers with the light of every flame. They are proud to provide a natural and ethically sourced candle that fulfills the responsibility of doing good for both society and the environment. By being transparent and health-conscious to their consumers, Something Soothing Co shows the profitability behind soothing our sustainable soul.


Crystal Tran, Co-Founder

Business information

Something Soothing Co

Something Soothing Co

California, US
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2020
Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Something Soothing Co specializes in all-natural soy wax candles containing ethically sourced and intuitively chosen healing crystals. With each candle being hand poured, the craft of this product offers a clean alternative to the traditional candle, while empowering the spiritual qualities in every crystal to “soothe the soul.”