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Ski for a Benefit

Taos Ski Resort

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The Taos Ski Resort reduces wild fire possibilities in their community by cutting trees down and providing slopes for their town.


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Emily Landry


Taos Ski Resort is a very big B-corp in the great state of New Mexico. They are one of the only B-Corp ski resort in the world. They give back to their community in on of the best ways possible. They like to enjoy, to give, and to protect. That means they enjoy doing what they are doing and providing slopes to their community, but the big thing they are doing is cutting trees down and protecting their forest from fires. The western area of the United States has always had trouble with wildfires and this ski resort is helping to stop this in their area by thinning out the trees to reduce the spread of the wildfires. They will then provide more slopes for the community and make it a winter wonderland in the winter. Their SDG's are life on and land l feel like because they want to save their property and to give the people a reason to be outside and to take in the scenery. The slopes are very peaceful in many ways such as sunrises, sunsets or just being able to be out and enjoy nature. They also provide programs in the summer when their is no snow so it is a very nice little Corporation.

Ski for a Benefit


The original idea came up because of the wildfires, Taos wanted to keep their mountain in the best healthy as they could and not have wildfires. So, their best way of saving their trees and giving back to their community would lead to a ski resort. They also provide lots of programs for their near by schools and give internships to the kids. Taos has really done a good job with their idea; this was for sure a great idea and what a turn out it was. They are the only b-corp ski resort in the United States.

According to Dawn Bouldware the vice president of environmental and social responsibility "we have beetle kill in our forest". This is good for their business because it could raise the risk of the fires spreading. So they want to be proactive and keep this down. The Taos ski resorts motivation was to protect their business and to protect their community, they really want to keep their area in the best shape possible. They are one of the largest employers in their region, so if they were not pro-active in cleaning the landscape up this would put a big hurting on them and their community.

Overall impact

The impact that the Taos ski resort brings to the table is unbelievable. They offer so much to their community and the natural environment in their area. They protected the "tusk ski valley" by providing more fire breaks and it also would help the natural environment by giving the animal more room to get food which is very cool. They also give kids jobs and internships in the area, which would give the kids free skiing. They bring the community together closer l feel like because in the winter they get people out of their houses and enjoy nature in the freezing cold weather, but how this brings people together is people will communicate on the slopes which will lead them to becoming slope buddies and its just an ongoing process.

Business benefit

This innovation benefits the business by making more money. The more slope acreage the they have will lead them to more money. Why this will lead them to more money is because the people want to have the more slopes and terrain to ski on, they will have to possibly raise their prices due to having to buy new snow blowers and plows. The goal is to have the most slopes up early in the year so they buy blowers to help keep snow on the ground in the start of winter which will cost them more money to operate. It will also benefit the business and people with job openings. They would have to get more ski patrol and people to operate the lifts so this is very good for the people that need jobs in the area.

Social and environmental benefit

Taos ski valley benefits the environment a lot l feel like, they reduce the pollen by taken the trees out and then in the summer time they provide more sunlight which will provide more food for the wildlife. The wild life needs to have open room and hiding spot and that is what the Taos ski resort provides them with. They help out the society l feel like by bringing everyone together on the slopes and having people enjoying their property. The best thing l think it helps out with is the social life on the slopes, people have been cooped up so long due to covid and don't really know how to talk to one another. The slopes could bring the world back together to where everyone could get along.


Dawn Bouldware, Vice President of Enviromental and Social Responsibility

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Taos Ski Resort

Taos Ski Resort

ski valley, NM, US

Business Website:

Year Founded: 1955

Number of Employees: 201 to 500

They provide slopes for the community while they are reducing the wildfires