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Self-Employment Through Handicrafts



Tek Raj Awasthi

Tek Raj Awasthi

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Prakash Marasini


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Kathford International College


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Bhuwan Adhikari

Global Goals

1. No Poverty 4. Quality Education 5. Gender Equality 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

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In the modern era of technology, Fusion Multipurpose Company is using the traditional methods and tools for making handicrafts. Usually, 'Lokta' and 'Chali' are used for making Lokta Paper (लोक्त पपेर्), also known as Nepali Kagaj. The paper processing in the Panchthar District of Nepal has an established industry for making paper from high quality raw materials. They collect a special type of Bamboo called 'Nigalo' which are cut into small pieces to use in handicrafts. Skilled employee bound Lokta Paper and small Bamboo pieces together to form handicrafts that reflect the culture, tradition, love, affection, beauty, animals, mountains, etc. that reflect Nepal's unity in diversity.


The handicrafts consist of three levels; first level, second level and third level. In first level handicrafts, newly trained employees crafts their skill in A4 size papers; they are simple but reflect the theme of the handicrafts. After several weeks of work, workers can progress to the second level where size and theme are much larger, typically each handicraft takes 2-3 days to complete. After about 3 months working in the second level, workers may enter the third level of handicrafts where art meets technology. These handicrafts are likely natural, artistic and show the clear theme of the handicrafts. These handicrafts tends to live as you move. Mostly these handicrafts are used for decoration in hotels and restaurants.

Self-Employment  Through Handicrafts


According to Mr. Sangam, after he completing his IT studies in Malaysia, he found trouble finding jobs in the Malaysian market. During his studies, he took the 10 days training about handicrafts. Then, he decided to return to Nepal and start his own handicrafts business. His dream is to open a senior center and orphanage for needy people which motivates to start his own business.

He also added, "After researching the Nepalese market, I believed the Nepalese market has a huge opportunity for handicrafts and that we could export handicrafts to foreign markets."

The real inspiration behind this innovation was the determination that Mr. Sangam showed to improve the economy of Nepal. He now owns several business in Nepal and provides job opportunities to workers with all skill levels.

Overall impact

Nepalese human resource sector is lacking manpower as people are moving abroad due to a lack of domestic opportunities. The government is promoting self-employment campaigns all over Nepal to varying success. By using domestic materials for production and manufacturing, Fusion Multipurpose Company drives economic value inside Nepal. With more than 30+ employees all over Nepal, Fusion Multipurpose Company can influence more 100+ families including employees, suppliers and agents.

According to Mr. Sangam, "One of the first employee, Abrabham Rai earns almost Rs. 600,000- Rs.800,000 annually through selling of handicrafts which he usually does in his leisure time." Examples like this inspire other people to enter the handicrafts sector.

The handicrafts made in this company are exported to countries like Thailand, USA, Canada, and several European Countries. This success has inspired others to enter the handicrafts sector.

Business benefit

When we visited his workplace, people were engaged in their work. Some employee were fixing frames, some were painting, and some were arranging papers, which show how employee are dedicated towards their handicrafts.

According to Mr. Sangam, "Without struggle, no business will succeed. We always believe that skill is for life, never ends. We don't provide employment, we provide self employment to people in every sector. We are able to create friendly working environments where diversity is unity."

With their annual profits, Fusion Multipurpose Company promotes thier products in domestic as well as international markets. With high demand over a year, Fusion Multipurpose Company is planning to expand their handicrafts business in other cities of Nepal. Recently in CAN Fair 2018, they sold a handicrafts of Taj Mahal for Rs. 250,000--this gave a huge boost to their handicrafts business.

Social and environmental benefit

Fusion Multipurpose Company is using bio-degradable raw materials that are extracted from natural processes. The Lokta Paper is used to make Japanese Notes, which are popular in the Nepalese market. The company provides natural products to customers so that the handicrafts will live forever without harming anyone. They believe in providing self-employment opportunities to thousand of Nepalese people, which helps reduce unemployment. Similar businesses can help the government of Nepal to achieve full employment. The demand for Nepalese handicrafts is also high. Fulfilling this demand creates not only income but also preserves tradition, culture, and art of the Nepalese society. It also promotes this art around the globe. With more than 100+ benefited families, the company demonstrates how we can grow together with co-operation and mutual understanding.

According to Mr. Sangam, "We must look towards the future of the country rather than individuals. Developing a family economic status can raise the country's economic status and will create more job opportunities. Rather than searching a job, creating the job yourself is idealistic for the family, society and country as well."


Sangam Shrestha, Managing Director

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Business information

Fusion Multipurpose Company

Fusion Multipurpose Company

Balkumari, NP
Year Founded: 2017
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

The Fusion Multipurpose Company was established in 2017. The company works as an agent to remove unemployment issues and to improve self employment and self confidence in Nepal. It hires all sorts of workers; skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor and pays them to complete for 7-10 days of training before placing them into jobs with the Fusion Multipurpose Company.