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Sealing and Sustainability


Christopher Tartaglia

Christopher Tartaglia


Fairleigh Dickinson University at Florham

Fairleigh Dickinson University at Florham


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Diana Cvitan

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The innovation of ZAGO Manufacturing is making quality sealing solutions that are sustainable, high in quality, and environmentally friendly. They are also an economically viable business that directly and indirectly helps its employees, customers, and others.


The solution for the innovation (and its sub-components) is to make a company that considers all of its stakeholders. The solutions that take part to target the stakeholders that work for them, the employees, and the overall well-being of the earth's people via the environment. This is a business of relatively few employees (this is to say, less than companies like Google), but they still believe that their work to make better, green products at an affordable price help everyone at some level.

Sealing and Sustainability


The innovation for ZAGO Manufacturing started over 27 years ago (in 1993) by the President of the company, Harvey Rottenstrich, and their foreman, Kleber Rivera. My interviewee, Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich, the CEO of the company, said that they "collaborated together to automate each machine that [the company has] and to make it the most efficient it could be."

They have also used robotics to learn how to make their machinery more efficient than before. ZAGO's innovations have stayed the same, but how they fulfill their short term goals change as the environment around them changes. The robotics, their ability to think outside the box, and their eagerness to find opportunities in any challenges they face are all signs of an innovative and successful company.

Overall impact

The short-term impact of ZAGO Manufacturing's innovation is on its stakeholders, to put it simply. This is part of the innovation itself, but all of them are the ones who benefit from the company. From their employees to their customers, they created a business model that works for all of them.

The long term effects would include their model of social and environmental responsibility. They are responsible for part of the future generation of manufacturers and paving the way to ethical societal and environmental norms. ZAGO is the quintessential example of a company that can make a high-quality product and uses green materials to make those products (in this case, sealants and fasteners). They are a responsible company because it is more profitable and ethical to do so.

Business benefit

Their innovations benefit themselves because they are a for-profit business, and when more people buy their products, they get more revenue in return. This makes them want to strive to be the best in what they do, which comes out in their products. They create and custom-made screws and fasteners to fit anyone's needs. This allows them to do business in multiple disciplines and areas. The quality of their product also resonates with the innovation of ZAGO Manufacturing because they always strive to do better.

Additionally, their employees are treated well. They are paid living wages instead of just minimum wages, which helps them out and those who are financially dependent on them. They also provide training in education and skills to succeed in their company.

Social and environmental benefit

One way ZAGO Manufacturing benefits society is that it gives employment to people. More specifically, it has fair wages, training, and internship opportunities for those who work for them. They also give their customers (mainly engineers) products that they can depend on to build anything that they need to get their jobs done. It makes their machines more resilient to any possible leakage.

Furthermore, ZAGO is a certified business in The New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry, which has strict environmental standards. Their products are made to be environmentally friendly; their products are inherently green, and their sealing technology is made to prevent the harsh chemicals from going into the environment.


Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich, CEO

Business information

ZAGO Manufacturing

ZAGO Manufacturing

Newark, New Jersey, US
Business Website:
Year Founded: 1993
Number of Employees: 11 to 50
ZAGO Manufacturing is a family-owned business that creates green sealing products used in many different types of industries. Their care for the environment, their employees, and the engineers that buy their products make them a great candidate for this.