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Saving Time, Money and Efforts; Recruiting Online

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Sumit Kishor Karna

Sumit Kishor Karna

Kunjan Shrestha

Kunjan Shrestha

Prakash Marasini

Prakash Marasini


Kathford International College

Kathford International College


Bhuwan Adhikari

Bhuwan Adhikari

Global Goals

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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The innovation used in Merojob are:

  1. Web Portals
  2. Internet Accessing Devices and Telecommunications
  3. In-house database server
  4. Best tracking system
All these innovation work together to solve the HR issues in Nepalese market by providing the best fit for the job vacancies. All these innovation has helped Merojob to become best recruiting company in Nepal with quality service.


With easiest dashboards, both employer and job seekers can give job vacancy announcement and resume respectively through the web platforms or application platform. Then, the information is reviewed by Human Resource Department of Merojob with the help of best tracking system to find the best fit. Merojob is an inevitable bridge between the hiring employers and the job seekers which helps clients to save their time, money & efforts and help them to solve HR issues in Nepalese markets. With higher reputation in the recent times, Merojob is the best choice even for the foreign people.

Saving Time, Money and Efforts; Recruiting Online


As the technology was being developed rapidly in western world and even in Nepal. Nepal has both opportunities as well as threats. People were going to organizations and companies with their resumes in their hands for jobs. Problems like traffic jams, strikes and uncertain climates, people were losing their valuable time for seeking job.

Thus, the founders of Merojob decided to establish a service company that can solve the problem of such people and organization. The idea behind this service was the increasing number of people accessing to the internet and modern devices. After choosing the internet platform for the service, founders decided to collect information from web platform, stores collected information in the database and with the help of tracing system Merojob was able to find the best fit for job vacancies.

Overall impact

After the establishment of Merojob in 2009, Merojob has created 150,000+ success stories and registered 350,000+ job seekers in their in-house database. Merojob has been offering 20,000+ employers promote their employer brands to job seekers and. Merojob is an inevitable bridge between the hiring employers and the job seekers.

Through constant innovation, incomparable technology and customer care delivered at every touch point, Merojob has been a preferred brand and a goldmine for recruiters. Merojob gather quality data from website platform and application platform to in-house server which makes online recruitment simple, cost-effective and convenient saving time and effort with the help of best tracing systems.

Merojob has 80+ full-time employees who are dedicated to bring energy and ideas to create better quality service.

Business benefit

Merojob is more than just a job site. From the web, to mobile, to social media tools and apps, Merojob provides service to companies of all sizes to find the right fit using most advanced technology in Nepal.

The employer dashboard at Merojob's web portal facilitates employers to register their esteemed organization, post jobs and use the simplified shortlisting process to hire the best in few clicks with technology-guided tools. Customized web portals is provided to job seekers, on the other hand, let them register, search, apply and get jobs for free.

According to Mrs. Upreti, "Merojob has blogs related to job preparation and career development with survey reports from different college and outdoor events has helped many people to get the right information and opportunities in the job market of Nepal."

All the advanced technology, best employees and better quality service has made Merojob as #1 job site in Nepal and is the most preferred brand name for job seekers.

Social and environmental benefit

According to Mrs. Upreti, "Merojob has kept the society at the first priority as it acts as external environment for Merojob. They provide service to the clients who live in society. Various national governmental bodies and international organization are monitoring each works. Thus, moving with them will help Merojob to grow further."

Merojob is more focused towards society and clients along with environmental acts. Merojob does few things like:

  • Maintaining unique working culture at workplace which helps employees in better personal and family life.
  • Training and development program all over Nepal for professional and career development.
  • Safety First at society and workplace.
  • Various CSR Activities.
  • Environmental Activities .i.e. afforestation program all over Nepal.
  • Finding best fit for better performance and intuitive thinking.


Kriti Upreti, Sr. Executive - Client Relation

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Business information

Merojob Private Limited

Merojob Private Limited

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, NP
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2009
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Merojob is recruiting company which was established in 2009 A.D. Merojob is an inevitable bridge between the hiring employers and the job seekers which is solving HR issues all over Nepal. . Merojob also helps clients to expose themselves in a professional manner with right working attitudes.

The vision of Merojob - "We aim higher to make people successful."

The mission of Merojob - "To support client organizations in strategically managing human capital to achieve business excellence."