Save Your Skin and the Ocean at the Same Time


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They upcycle by-products of olive oil to minimise waste. They also use sustainable packaging and involve in related initiatives.


Hao Zou

Hao Zou


Monash University

Monash University


Gitanjali Bedi

Gitanjali Bedi


The by-products of olive oil production, such as olive leaf, stone and pip, contain many bio-active antibacterial and antioxidant components that can treat scars and pigmentation. The company upcycles these by-products and turns them into effective and vegan-friendly cosmetic products. Apart from reducing wastes during the olive oil production process, one of the company co-founders Ziyi also points out upcycling also prevents land from oxidation. “The ph of the landfill is too high, so it cannot be used as fertilizers.” Ziyi said.

In order to reduce the plastic pollution of the ocean, the company use reusable tote bags to store their products. Green eco wrap and recycled jiffy bags are also used in the production to minimise their environmental footprint.

The company is also involved in a number of initiatives, such as Tangaroa Blue Foundation and the 1% For The Planet. The first round of profits and 100% profit of two products are donated to these organizations to help protect the ocean.

Save Your Skin and the Ocean at the Same Time


The co-founders share a common love of extra virgin olive oil. They decided to take a road trip to visit EVOO production sites in Australia and found out the by-products are perfect for skincare. Besides, Ziyi also noticed many cosmetic products contained plastic and silicon as scrub. “Once you wash your face, they would go into the ocean. The fish eat the plastic and you eat the fish. It’s a bad cycle.” She added. Therefore, they decided to develop a brand using olive thereby reducing the plastic pollution in the ocean.

Overall impact

Their products have a positive influence on the environment. The upcycling of the by-products reduces waste and protects the land, while the sustainable packaging and the non-plastic formula reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. The company's profits also funds nonprofit initiatives that go a step further to raise awareness of the problem and solve it.

Business benefit

Ziyi told me that their vegan-friendly products attract many vegan and conscious people to buy their products. They tried to sell their products at a vegan event and found them to be a hit. She also agreed that recycling the by-products has reduced their and oil factory’s disposal costs. 

Social and environmental benefit

Apart from their initiatives, the company is also actively devoted to influencing their customers and raising awareness of the ocean pollution problem. Through their newsletter, they inform their customers about what the organization is doing to protect the ocean and how. The effort they have made to upcycle the by-product reduces carbon emissions and land used to process the waste. The sustainable packaging they use helps protect the ocean and the life within.


Ziyi Xie, Co-founder

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Melbourne, VIC, AU

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Oceandeep is a skincare and beauty company with a focus on olive-based cosmetic products. With a tagline ‘Save your skin, save the ocean,’ it created lines of 100% natural and eco-friendly products. Besides that, it also dedicates itself in protecting the ocean by implementing sustainable packaging and involving related initiatives.