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Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Solutions


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Global Goals

2. Zero Hunger 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 15. Life on Land

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Effective Technologies specializes in the production of fertilizers made from peat, setting themselves apart through their innovative use of humic acids. These organic fertilizers not only enhance crop productivity but also contribute to ecological well-being and have the potential to regenerate eroded soil. By aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Effective Technologies supports the goals of Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Life on Land.


Humates can be viewed as a complex set of chemical signals that communicate favorable environmental conditions to plants. When plants receive these signals, they respond by producing corresponding hormones that initiate or accelerate crucial biochemical processes, even if the prevailing conditions are not entirely favorable. This fascinating phenomenon can be compared to a plant's "deception" as it activates metabolic pathways, protein synthesis, nutrient uptake, and other essential functions. As a result, the plant gains a substantial advantage in the competitive struggle for vital growth factors.

The innovative solution developed by Effective Technologies, known as BIOFULEN, harnesses the power of humic acids to revolutionize agriculture. Their organic fertilizers, derived from peat, are designed to optimize plant growth, improve soil health, and promote sustainable farming practices. By integrating humic acids and growth stimulators into their products, Effective Technologies addresses multiple aspects of the SDGs.

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Solutions


BIOFULEN was founded by a dedicated team of scientists and technologists who conducted years of research based at Effective Technologies. The manufacturing technology they used involved an extremely gentle extraction and activation of humic substances from lowland peat. In result, the scientists obtained a mixture with very high biological activity. "We were inspired by the immense potential of nature itself and sought to harness its power to create sustainable solutions for agriculture," says Stezhka.

"The more we understood about the chemical language plants use to respond to their environment, the more inspired we became to develop a solution that could effectively guide plant growth and revolutionize the way we approach agriculture," explains Stezhka. "By introducing carefully formulated humates and growth stimulators at specific stages of plant development, we manipulate the hormonal balance."

"Our inspiration to literally dig deeper stems from the desire to empower farmers with effective tools that enhance crop yields while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals," emphasizes Stezhka. "We envision a world where farmers can cultivate healthy and abundant harvests without compromising the well-being of ecosystems and future generations. This vision drives us to push the boundaries of innovation and continuously improve our products."

Overall impact

BIOFULEN's innovation in organic fertilizers has had a significant impact on various aspects of sustainable development. By promoting soil health, enhancing crop productivity, and supporting responsible consumption and production, Effective Technologies directly contributes to the SDGs.

The application of BIOFULEN products in farming practices has led to remarkable results in terms of increased yields, improved soil quality, and reduced environmental impact. Through their experiments at Moscow State University (MSU) and collaboration with other agricultural experts, Effective Technologies has gathered evidence of the positive effects of BIOFULEN on plant growth, soil regeneration, and sustainable land management practices. The aggregated data indicates significant yield increases for various crops: sunflower - from 35 to 45%, soybeans - from 20 to 26%, spring barley - from 42 to 50%, tomatoes - from 30 to 50%, watermelons - from 38 to 44%, and rice - up to 35%.

Last year, a study was conducted at MSU to evaluate the effectiveness of BIOFULEN Torfogel as a soil modifier for growing wheat on a soil mixture created from sand. The results of the vegetative experiment were remarkable. In the vessels with the soil mixture, all 15 wheat seeds germinated, representing a 100% germination rate. In contrast, in the vessels with pure sand, only 2-3 wheat shoots sprouted, accounting for less than 20% of the applied seeds. The biomass yield in the vessels with the soil mixture was 13.5 times higher than in the vessels with pure sand.

Furthermore, by reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, BIOFULEN supports responsible consumption and production. This shift towards more sustainable agricultural practices not only benefits the environment but also promotes long-term food security and the well-being of farming communities.

Effective Technologies and their innovative BIOFULEN products demonstrate a commitment to the SDGs and address crucial global challenges in agriculture. Through their research, development, and application of organic fertilizers, they provide a sustainable solution that aligns with the goals of Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Life on Land. By consistently exploring and integrating the SDGs throughout their project, Effective Technologies showcases the potential for innovation to drive positive change and create a better world.

Business benefit

Because the business created this new product, the following good things have happened. The products of Effective Technologies, known by the trademark of BIOFULEN, are used in a wide range of crops, supporting eco farming practices, promoting soil health, and meeting the demand for natural products. BIOFULEN products enhance gardening and landscape design, promoting healthy and vibrant lawns and green spaces. Additionally, their peat gel has proven effective in reclaiming degraded soils and restoring fertility. The company's experiments at MSU demonstrate the remarkable results of BIOFULEN in revitalizing depleted soils, supporting sustainable land management practices, and increasing productivity.

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of BIOFULEN organic fertilizers, with a consumption rate of one liter per hectare, contribute to reduced expenses and increased revenue for agricultural enterprises. This innovative approach also minimizes the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, aligning with the principles of Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12). "Our innovation has brought about transformative changes for farmers and businesses in the agricultural sector," highlights Stezhka. "By adopting our sustainable solutions, farmers have witnessed significant improvements in their crop yields, leading to higher profitability and long-term business sustainability. The positive impact on the bottom line has made our innovation a game-changer for agricultural enterprises.”

Furthermore, Effective Technologies' commitment to developing sustainable agriculture solutions positions them as pioneers in the industry and directly contributes to achieving the goals of SDG 15, which aims to protect, restore, and sustainably manage terrestrial ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss. By integrating the power of humates and growth stimulators, BIOFULEN revolutionizes the way agriculture is approached, promoting a more environmentally friendly and efficient agricultural industry.

In other words, the business benefits of BIOFULEN encompass increased profitability, cost-effectiveness, reduced chemical usage, and sustainable practices, all of which align with the principles of responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) and sustainable land management (SDG 15).

Social and environmental benefit

BIOFULEN Torfogel (peat gel), a concentrate in the form of a brown homogeneous suspension, is a key product offered by Effective Technologies. It contains humic and fulvic acids along with over 30 elements of mineral and organic substances, including essential trace elements. "BIOFULEN Torfogel, our flagship product, serves as a natural soil modifier, capable of restoring or creating water-resistant and agriculturally valuable soil structures," notes Stezhka. "It recultivates and restores soils, neutralizes toxicants and pollutants, stimulates plant growth, protects plants from environmental stressors like drought, and enhances soil fertility. Within just 10-12 months, it can transform infertile soils into fertile ones and reclaim degraded areas."

"Numerous annual field experiments and trials have revealed the potential for significant reductions in the use of mineral fertilizers and certain pesticides when used in conjunction with BIOFULEN," highlights Stezhka. "Remarkably, these reduced inputs do not result in decreased yields or compromised quality. On the contrary, the quality of the produce has improved, meeting the demands of discerning consumers."

The results of the company's work have been impressive, thanks to a recent reorganization and the efforts of their dedicated team. With a renewed focus on enhancing the quality of the BIOFULEN product, refining production technology, and optimizing the company's structural divisions, they are committed to providing the best possible solutions for sustainable agriculture.

By consistently exploring the benefits of BIOFULEN for both society and the environment, it becomes evident that this innovation positively impacts various aspects of the SDGs. Effective Technologies not only improves profitability and sustainability for agricultural enterprises but also contributes to Responsible Consumption and Production, Life on Land, and ultimately, the goal of achieving Zero Hunger.


Mikhail Stezhka, CEO

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Research & Production Company Effective Technologies LLC.

Research & Production Company Effective Technologies LLC.

Moscow, Russian Federation, Vietnam, Angola, Columbia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, RU
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Year Founded: 2017
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Welcome to our AIM2Florish story about BIOFULEN, an agricultural project by Research & Production Company Effective Technologies LLC, based in Moscow, Russia. The company aims to provide natural, organic food, increase crop productivity, protect soils, and restore their natural fertility. Effective Technologies is a young and dynamic company that is revolutionizing the agriculture industry through its innovative products and strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. By understanding the intricacies of plant growth and harnessing the chemical signaling systems within them, Effective Technologies offers sustainable solutions that are transforming the agricultural landscape. In this story, we will explore the company's mission, the technology behind BIOFULEN's organic stimulants, the company's CSR strategy, and the positive impact it has on sustainable development.