Reusable Construction Barrier (PPDU) – Safe, and Environment friendly


Alfi Trianto

Alfi Trianto


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IPMI International Business School


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Amelia Naim Indrajaya

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When construction occurs, the work zone must be separated from the general public using a fence. Fences serve to keep people from being exposed to potentially dangerous construction debris. It also prevents unauthorized persons from entering areas that may be dangerous. Construction fences are usually made of metal and wood for one-time use. At PT FAS Sinergi Indonesia implementing PPDU (Pagar Plastik Daur Ulang) which is made of recyclable materials, it is a reusable modular alternative to existing systems for isolating construction projects.


In Indonesia, the installation of project fences usually uses corrugated zinc. The temporary fence serves as a barrier between the project area and the surrounding area. To beautify its appearance, it is usually finished with paint in the appropriate color or coated with a banner. Seeing the conditions in Indonesia, PT. FAS Sinergi Indonesia with engineers from South Korea innovates to make Recycled Plastic Panels (PPDU) as a substitute for corrugated zinc for project fences. PPDU Is the first panel to improve the construction field and the environment around the eco-environment. In addition, there are advantages such as installation method, sound suppression, field environment, and cost-efficiency. PPDU is also an eco-environment product made from PVC Plastic.

Reusable Construction Barrier (PPDU) – Safe, and Environment friendly

PPDU Stock Ready To Delivered From The Workshop


PPDU is truly a practical and efficient innovation. Compared to the use of corrugated zinc, it must be crushed after each usage. It is different from PPDU, it can be used up to 3 to 5 times in 7 years and can be recycled again. Indeed, in terms of price, PPDU is more expensive than the use of corrugated zinc, but the cost will be more efficient since PPDU is reusable.

Overall impact

As a company that produces PPDU, the raw materials used are from plastic waste such as used bottles, used pipes, used plastic, and other plastic waste (including from recycling PPDU that has been used up) so that in the long term it will reduce environmental pollution. PT Fas Sinergi Indonesia can produce 30 tons per month from plastic waste raw materials.

PT Fas Sinergi Indonesia prioritizes the supply value chain. To get the raw materials, PT Fas Sinergi Indonesia cooperates with small waste collectors which are then distributed to large collectors and finally to the PPDU production stage.

Business benefit

PT Fas Sinergi Indonesia has a workshop and office area of 750 m2. Workshop and production are according to standard requirements for EASA, ISO, ANSI/NEMA, and ATEX Rules. PT Fas Sinergi Indonesia adds real value to the business. Providing high-quality products and services at very competitive prices and delivery times for industry needs, as well as saving costs by producing recyclable PPDU.

Social and environmental benefit

1. Plastic Recycling and Iron Replacement Products

Can prevent environmental pollution through the use of plastic that can be recycled as raw materials.

2. The City Looks More Beautiful

With the PPDU installed neatly, the city view will look more beautiful even though there is an ongoing project work

3. Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials

The raw materials used are materials that can be recycled so they are very environmentally friendly

4. Employee Enhancement

PT Fas Sinergi Indonesia improves employees with teamwork training and education


Firman Nuzirwan, Director

Firman Nuzirwan, Director

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Bekasi, Throughout Indonesia, ID
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2014
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

The business is about Reusable Construction Barrie called PPDU (Reusable Construction Barrier) made of recyclable materials. It is a reusable modular alternative to existing systems for isolating construction projects. There are many reasons why PPDU is a better choice for construction separation.