Reducing Water Consumption Through Drywash Products


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Jetmach implemented an innovation to their Maintenance management business supporting four different Sustainable Development Goals through a partnership with Skywash International. This alliance consolidates Jetmach as exclusive distributor of eco-friendly drywash products for aircraft market in Mexico.

The main benefits of using drywash products on aircrafts are:

  1. Reduction of water waste
  2. Reduction of fuel consumption
  3. Reduction of CO2 emissions


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Since 2015, the maintenance management business unit was created through a new partnership with Skywash International, enabling the company to sell and distribute products of that brand. Skywash products provides a new cleaning drywash technology that improves the long-term paint and corrosion protection.

Furthermore, Jetmach does not only sell and distribute these products, the company also provides the cleaning service to their current clients, trying to change the cleaning aircraft culture in Mexico, which is based on wet wash. Thanks to its innovative cleaning service, Jetmach has substantially increased the efficient use of water resources and sustainable management of chemicals for the clean service aviation sector in Mexico.

The company promotes the ecologically sound management of chemicals and all waste, in order to minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment. Jetmach is able to achieve all of this by encouraging and promoting effective alliances in the public, public-private and civil society spheres.

Reducing Water Consumption Through Drywash Products


The inspiration of bringing the product to Mexico arose from an increased awareness with regards the vast amount of wasted water in the country, primarily evidenced to the leaders of Jetmach in the cleaning of aircrafts, as most of the national aviation companies clean their aircrafts with lots of water (10,000lts to clean a Boeing 737).

Jetmach Sales’ Manager commented in the interview that product implementation started after learning of the increasing regulations for water efficiency and reduction of carbon emission in sectors of air transport in Europe. He started to be worried about this matter. However, it was not until he was introduced to Skywash International company and its products in one of the NBAA Business Aviation Conventions & Exhibitions, that he decided to bring the products to Mexico in order to stop the unconscious consumption of water in the sector.

The idea developed through the concept of delivering a unique product to the Mexican market improving the jet’s aesthetic appearance as well as reducing maintenance time, preserving paint life by removing oil, oxidation and corrosion scratches. The product definitely can be trusted as a significant investment assisting the avoidance of aircraft’s erosion over time, which in turn could result in a total loss of the aircraft.

The management team realized that most of Jetmach’s aircrafts started to oxidize as well as they suffered paint damage. They all concluded that they needed a product that could substitute water, degreasers, wax and at the same time be profitable.

Overall impact

Skywash is a 100% biodegradable product challenging the traditional practice in which aircrafts are cleaned with water and chemicals that affect the environment. This product is a substitute of traditional chemicals, wax and degreasers. Usually these products are considered toxic and flammable. Even small amounts entering surface or groundwater can result in serious pollution. These products mainly evaporate and contribute to smog or to the ground’s ozone level.

Skywash cleans, polishes and protects airplanes with minimal use of water. Comparing to the regular cleaning process Skywash works with 95% less water. Its use also reduces the time invested during the cleaning process , which can be up to 65% faster. Due to the formula used in Skywash a protecting layer is created after each cleaning process, this layer protects the paint from corrosion. Using the regular process of washing an airplane must to be repainted every 10 years on average. With the use of Skywash and thanks to the protection layer, this time can be extended between 15% to 20%, representing up to 2 years of postponing investments related to airplane painting.

According to Skywash efficiency calculator, annual savings in fuel, CO2 and water are explained as follow. We considered Aeromexico’s whole fleet as an example for this calculation:

- 2.4 Million USD in Fuel reduction

- 8K Metric Tons CO2 reduction

- 978,174 Gal / 3,702,791 lts of water

These numbers are clearly relevant due to high levels of pollution of water and air, water scarcity, high price of fuel and energy costs.

Business benefit

The introduction of Skywash products has been a groundbreaking success in Mexico enhancing savings of resources. It also enables aircrafts to spend less time on the ground. Upon the above mentioned actions, Jetmach increased brand visibility, developing lasting relationships with all of their stakeholders, as well as improving brand awareness and recognition.

Jetmach has created a competitive advantage, providing top tier cleaning services in the aviation sector as well as acting as first move advantage catalyzer in Mexico with this technology.

Social and environmental benefit

1) Water Efficiency: Water is a scarce resource in much of the world. Water consumption of humanity has exceeded sustainable levels in many places and there are many sectors where serious water pollution takes place and life is endangered because of contaminated water.

2) Aviation Environmental Efficiency: Airlines have adopted a voluntary fuel efficiency goal. This goal is to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (per revenue ton kilometer) by at least 25% by 2020, Jetmach is helping airlines to achieve this goal through reduce maneuvers at the ground, transportation costs and man hours from the ability to drywash and maintenance the aircraft at the same time, inside the hangar.

3) Drywash Environmental Value: Skywash is a sustainable environmental solution. Through the use of this product and thanks to the dry washing process, the efficiency benefits include: elimination of water from the drywash cleaning process with only one product; elimination of potential contaminated water disposal; reduction of aerodynamic drag and ultimately reduced fuel and C02 emissions.


Eduardo Lopez Garza, Sales Manager

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Jetmach is an aviation company established by Rene Garza in 1996 concentrated on selling executive jets and aircrafts through a strategic alliance with the industry’s leading Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. Its principal clients primarily concentrate in large national corporations such as Cemex, Minera Autlan, Vitro, Villacero and Friza, Aeromexico amongst others.

The company has more than two decades of experience within the international aviation industry with three diverse business units:

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