Recycling Pallets is Oxygen for the Planet


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The businessman Aurelio says "it is only necessary to think that what has already been used has the possibility of continuing its useful life, only requiring a creative transformation process." This means doing things that provide solutions and meet the needs of society, and "can be built and created with different materials."

Aspects that point to sustainable development:

The manufacturing of wooden furniture with waste pallets from the logistics industry avoids burning emissions.

Furniture manufacturing generates employment for displaced and vulnerable communities.

This process contributes to the reduction of tree felling.





Universidad Externado de Colombia

Universidad Externado de Colombia


Gustavo A Yepes López

Gustavo A Yepes López


"My micro company is located in the Fontibón neighborhood near the free zone of Bogotá, where the main raw material comes from, in some cases, I pick up the luggage compartments left abandoned and in others, I buy them at US $3 or $4 per unit, for the elaboration of a table that requires approximately 4 or 5 stowage and I sell the table for 50 dollars, my business is very profitable, the difficult thing is that people begin to value this type of work and material."


The company is dedicated to the recycling of wooden pallets for the elaboration of furniture of all kinds, which contributes to the reduction of the felling of trees, the reduction of the emissions of the burning of this material, and the generation of employment to the "Venezuelan brothers "as a vulnerable community.

Waste material is reused by companies in the logistics sector and is used for the manufacture of furniture and decorative elements for domestic and commercial use.

It has innovative ideas for its creativity, design and especially for the large number of applications.

A better world is not only to think about the now, it is to think about the future and the need to end poverty, the pollution of the air we breathe and the excessive consumption of resources, this micro-company not only innovates, but promotes alternatives that involve sustainability.

Recycling Pallets is Oxygen for the Planet


The company uses discarded material with high possibility of being treated and covered in different wood products, contributing to the conservation of the environment.

It was inspired by carpenters and craftsmen who make wood-based products.

The inspiration also arises from observing how wood is used in different products of daily use such as chairs, sofas, dining rooms etc. with processed wood resulting from the felling of trees and this is when the possibility of reusing wood with a simple process is observed in treatment for handling.

Overall impact

The general impact of this is represented in the reuse of the wood and the use of the force of the same generated sources of work, the burning of the same is avoided as waste reduction of the emissions to the environment and the reduction of the felling of trees, "every 60 stowage we use to make furniture saves a tree."

It contributes to the reduction of the felling of trees for the elaboration of wooden furniture, the reduction of emissions by the burning and the generation of employment to the vulnerable communities when hiring Venezuelan personnel.

Business benefit

"This business is very profitable, I have 15 Venezuelans hired with great skills in wood handling, one month we invoice approximately US $ 7,000 and I feel it is growing, we start with home furniture and today we make all kinds of decorative products and the exhibition."

The idea of ​​recycling the material and raising awareness by creating waste-based products that were discarded and the search for alternatives to be sustainable is promoted.

On the other hand, low-income people will be able to access at a low cost resistant and elegant furniture for their home, office and / or work.

Social and environmental benefit

Venezuelan workers can give their families a better quality of life, reducing poverty and inequality.

This innovation contributes to the generation of employment to vulnerable communities, and low production costs by recycling waste materials.
Recycling was promoted and contributes to the reduction of tree felling by promoting alternatives that contribute to the care of the environment.

It also contributes to the inclusion of a vulnerable community by hiring Venezuelans, recycling materials discarded by industry and contributing to the reduction of tree felling.



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Bogota, Cundinamarca, CO

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

A Colombian businessman inspired by leaving a mark on society seeks to contribute with his innovative products for the inclusion of "the Venezuelan brothers" in a more inclusive and responsible way with society.

The company is dedicated to the manufacture of all types of furniture for the recycling of waste wood pallets in the logistics industry.

Its vision is to be a company with the environment that contributes to society by generating employment for vulnerable communities and manufacturing low-cost and affordable wooden furniture.

"We are a micro company that believes in innovation based on the conservation and care of the environment", being responsible with society.